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Product Overview


Company Profile

We focus on the quality inspection industry for 15years. We are a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries in China at present.

What does our report consist of?
Product quantity, Workmanship, On site test, Data measurement & Client special requirement.

Quantity check
Inspector check the quantity of the products, shipping marks of the carton and box.

Workmanship check
Workmanship check is the most inportant part of product inspection.
Inspector selected samples according to ANSI / ASQ Standard Z1.4-2008(AQL standard) or client's request.

On site test
We do basic test for the product
For example, GSM of fabric, capacity of cup, electrical parameter test of electrical product...

Data measurement
We check carton size & weight, box size & weight, product size & weight basically.

Client special requirement
We also accept client special requirements, as long as it's reasonable.

What does our report look like?

How to start and what need I do?

Inform us ahead of time 3~5 days before the inspection date!
1.We need to know the product name, quantity, and supplier location
2.Confirm the inspection type random/full inspection, then we can determine the number of days required for the inspection, also the inspection expenses
3:The factory contact, then we can contact the supplier to confirm the date we can inspect, also feedback to clients
4:We arrange the inspector to confirm the date and the location
5:We ask the factory to fill the booking form which includes P/O No Item No etc.
6:We Preformed the inspection report, including all the client's requirement. And send all the data about the inspection to inspector before inspection.

About AQL standard

Only random inspection use the AQL standard.
How many goods will we check when proceed the random inspection?
Remember one formula:
Level ll, Major 2.5/Minor 4.0 one inspector max sample 315/day

For example, your product quantity is 1000 , the lot size is 501~1200, level ll is J
You can find J is 80 below, Major (2.5) defects accept 5, reject 6; Minor (4.0) defects accept 7, reject 8


1. Our inspection area?
Almost everywhere in China. We can also arrange inspection in India, Thailand, Bangladesh & Vietnam.

2. Do we have ISO Certificates?
We don't have ISO certificates for now. In fact, the whole inspection industry don't need certificates.

3.What is MD in the inspection industry?
MD means one inspector a day, 2MD can be 2 inspectors a day or one inspector for 2 days.

4. What kind of services can we provide?
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Container Loading Check
Factory Audit

Initial Product Inspection
Dur-Production Inspection

5.What can I get after the inspection?
You can get an English report, usually you can get it within 24hours after the inspection.

6. Do I need to pay before the inspection and our accept payment?
Yes, we need to receive the payment then we can arrange the inspection. And we accept Alibaba trade assurance/Paypal/Bank transfer.

Jason Yang
Sales Manager
Tel: +86 025-85952912
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+86 132 6211 2285
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Product Description

Third party inspection
Independent Inspection Highly Professional QC Services
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Inspection Place
Chinese Cities
Inspection Report
Detailed Inspection Report

Company Profile

1. Why do I need shipment inspections or factory audits?
In case of any poor quality, incorrect shipments, unreal information from suppliers. Inspection and audit are the most efficient way to protect buyer’s right.

2. How to book the inspection?
-Client sends us the inspection inquiry 2-3days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection.
-Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. Then we perform the inspection and feedback inspection report within 12hours after inspection.

3. What we need to provide you for inspection?
-Factory contact number
-Products information as well as your special quality control requirement if you have.
-Some client will send approved samples also.

4. What information does the inspection report include?
Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.
A written report + Inspection video + Original pictures will provided with 24hours after inspection

5. What the Inspection rate?
Inspection general rate is USD168.00/Man-day for most coastal ctities. Specific inspection rate depends on product type, order quantity and inspection address.
This quotation contains all cost: travel cost + inspection cost + report cost. No other fee need.
Our maximum workload in 1day is around 6hours.

6. What payment method that we accept?
Bank Transfer, Paypal or Alibaba trade order.
Inspection payment always need be prepaid 100% before inspection.

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