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The spiral sand water separator is installed with an inclination of 20°-30°. sand-water mixed material enters the water tank from the inlet pipe, and the particles with larger specific gravity (such as sand grains) in the mixed liquid are deposited on the bottom of the spiral groove due to the drop of self-weight surface. Under the urging of the screw, the material is lifted along the bottom of the inclined U-shaped groove, and after leaving the liquid surface, it continues to move a certain distance. The water in the sand gradually flows back into the water tank in the gap in the spiral groove. The sand also gradually dries at the discharge port and falls on other conveying devices depending on its own weight. The supernatant is continuously drained from the drain to achieve sand separation.

Product Features:
1. The separation efficiency can reach 94% -98%, and particles with diameter ≥ 0.2mm can be separated out;
2. The use of shaftless screw, waterless bearings, easy maintenance;
3. Compact structure and light weight;
4. The new type of transmission device, its key component - reducer is advanced shaft-mounted, no coupling, installation and easy to center;
5. The lining strips are quick-fitting and easy to replace;
6. The spiral axial position can be adjusted to facilitate the adjustment of the safety clearance between the end and the wall.

Spiral sand water separator
Spiral sand water separator is mainly used for sand settling in sewage treatment plant. The sand-water mixture is lifted to the sand-water separator by the sand pump, and the gravel and fine sand with larger specific gravity are deposited at the bottom of the spiral groove, and the sand is discharged through the inclined spiral. The sewage is discharged to the sewage treatment plant through the overflow port to achieve the purpose of separation of sand and water.

Technical parameters
Common specifications∶φ260mm,φ320mm,φ360mm, φ420mm
Handling capacity: 8L/s, 16L/s, 25L/s

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