High-end Technology Manufacturing Rough Scraping Scraper Steel Wire Processing Machine

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Product Overview


Rough scraper
Brief Introduction
GX800 type rough scraper is mainly used for the physical removal of oxides and defects on the surface of stainless steel welding wire, aluminum welding wire, etc. . The unit mainly includes scraping device, chip-breaking device, crawler-type cutting device, cooling system, etc. . Power Reel can be self-service selection according to the take-up status. Under the traction of the power reel, the wire passes through the scraping die in turn, and the impurities and defects on the surface of the wire are removed directly by the ring edge of the die to improve the quality of the material. The chip-breaking device directly pulverizes the metal chips produced by 3 high-speed rotating cutting knives, and discharges them from the die in time, and collects them through the track-type chip-removing device. The Unit Adopts Electric Automatic Control, which can realize automatic scraping operation, high efficiency, stability and reliability.

Wire material
Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.
Design maximum speed
wire specification
Unit nominal power
Unit area
Total unit weight
About 3,500 kg

1.How about our quality ?
We continuously develop and improve our products, which are widely used in many fields such as industry, technology and so on.Quality is at the leading level in the world.

2.How about the price ?
Very low price, don’t worry about it, All fees you pay will be used on your machine. The price depends on your expectations of the machine.

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Once we get your inquiry for our products, we will make offer within one hour ,and for reply you any doubt at any time.

4.How about the delivery?
We promise that we provide wire machine, mold, brushed powder machine test operation service in the workshop, and then free shipping, you carefully check and then ship

5.How about delivery time?
It is 30 days. According to your specific requirements for the machine.

6.How about the after service?
When the machine has a problem, the Engineers available to service machinery overseas

7.Where is our factory?
Zhengzhou city China At the southeast corner of the intersection of Feilong Road and Yuxi Road, Yulong Town, Xingyang City, We can provide pick-up service.

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