25Hz no freeze PCB level precision mobile phone thermal camera infiray sensor heating detection agent wanted xinfrared T2S+

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1. Q: Does T2 Pro need a battery?
A: No. It has no built-in battery. Smartphone is its power supply. With low power consumption, it can work for 4-6h under the support of the smart phone. No-battery design also makes exporting and importing easier and faster.
2.Q: Why it can detect 1300 meters far?
A: It uses our advanced 12μm thermal detector, IR resolution 256x192, unique Matrix III imaging processing. All these factors make it better performance than those with 17μm thermal detector and 13mm lens.
3.Q:Is phone support available, or a must?
A: It is available, you can choose it or not, not a must. The support price is 30 USD.
4.Q:All the smartphone can use this thermal camera?
A: It is for android smartphone with type-C interface.
5.Q: What are the applications? What is it used for?
A: It can be used for wild survival, Night Running&Hiking, short video& Live Stream, Animal observation and outdoor entertainment.
6.Q: Is there SDK available?
A: Yes, there is SDK for windows, android and linux system.
7.Q: Do you have the product in stock? And what is the lead time?
A: Yes. We have large amounts in stock and ready to ship. After we receive your payment, we will deliver your product to DHL/UPS in 3-5 days for shipment. We usually adopt air freight for transportation.

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