20g Ozone Generator Home Use Sterilizing Ozonator Air Purification

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Ozone sterilizer, widely used in the field of daily life, can be used in the family, hospitals, enterprises, offices and other large public places to sterilize the machine, is your disinfection and sterilization indispensable products! In order to make our products more convenient and safe for customers, please be sure to read the instructions before using this series of products.
Our SP-20A ozone generator is an portable odor neutraliser that is designed to eliminate pungent odors and will kill up to 99.9% of airborne bacterium in a variety of locations. The ozone emitted by SP-20A will destroy harmful micro-organisms with that it comes into contact with and will break down odor causing compounds effectively neutralising the unpleasant smells they produce at the source.


Ozone output
Ozone concentration


1. Turn on the machine power switch, turn on the power.
2. Writhing machine timing button, the machine will start and produce ozone.
3. Machine makes a "ding" sound, indicating that the machine stops working and the timer is in a "OFF" off state.
4. According to the need of space use, the timing switch is rotated to the disinfection time corresponding to space disinfection.
5.After reaches the set disinfection time, the sterilizer will automatically stop the work and turn off the ozone generator,
please pull out the power plug after the completion of the operation; Ozone in the room usually after half an hour will
automatically decompose into oxygen, disinfection do not have personnel to stay indoors.
6. Ozone in the room usually half an hour after the automatic decomposition of oxygen, disinfection do not have personnel stay indoors.


The ozone generator has the characteristics of high efficiency, integration and complete control
1. The arrival of the machine should be immediately checked for transport damage, machine internal noise.
2. Machine placement environment should be kept clean, dry, no dust around the machine and the ground, to avoid debris accumulation.
3. The machine is installed, please follow the instructions to connect the circuit correctly, the power supply must have reliable grounding to ensure safety, it is best to unplug the power when not in use.
4. Untrained personnel must not tamper with the machine, the machine does not contain any maintenance parts inside, the machine contains high voltage inside, please find a professional when maintenance, maintenance must disconnect the power supply.
5.Do not cover the air outlet when the machine works.
6.If it is abnormal, please shut down the power immediately, find out the cause, deal with after
the use.
7. In order to achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, please close doors and windows, etc., do
not have personnel to stay indoors during disinfection.
8. Families, hospitals, enterprises, offices use ozone machine for disinfection, sterilization,
formaldehyde removal, flavor removal, please close doors and windows, start the machine, disinfection room personnel should leave the room. After disinfection, the personnel should be ventilated at least 25 min before entering the room.

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