Различные высококачественные автоматические масляные фильтры для алюминиевых сварочных проводов

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Product Overview


Oil Filter System For Wire Drawing Machine
Brief Introduction
The drawing oil central filtration system has the characteristics of fast filtration, good effect and high degree of automation. It is mainly composed of filter host, paper feeding mechanism, mixing box, oil storage tank and temperature control operating system. The system can realize on-line continuous filtration of drawing oil, which ensures the requirements of drawing process. The oil pool temperature control system adopts electric heating and cooling system to cool down, ensure the constant oil temperature, improve the lubricity of the drawing oil, make the surface of the welding wire achieve a higher smoothness, effectively prolong the service life of the mold, and improve the utilization rate of oil products.

Filtration accuracy
Filter traffic
Filter box layers
Filter paper size
Unit nominal power

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We continuously develop and improve our products, which are widely used in many fields such as industry, technology and so on.Quality is at the leading level in the world.

2.How about the price ?
Very low price, don’t worry about it, All fees you pay will be used on your machine. The price depends on your expectations of the machine.

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Once we get your inquiry for our products, we will make offer within one hour ,and for reply you any doubt at any time.

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We promise that we provide wire machine, mold, brushed powder machine test operation service in the workshop, and then free shipping, you carefully check and then ship

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It is 30 days. According to your specific requirements for the machine.

6.How about the after service?
When the machine has a problem, the Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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Zhengzhou city China At the southeast corner of the intersection of Feilong Road and Yuxi Road, Yulong Town, Xingyang City, We can provide pick-up service.

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