Foton Lovol tractor 50HP 4wd 30hp 80hp 120hp mini farm tractor 4x4 agriculture farm machinery cheap farm tractor for sale

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Price:$8,000.00 - $8,199.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

G3 model of Lovol M Series 40-75hp tractor is a new product with the spare parts design of the complete tractor re-optimized by
Lovol’s European Technical Team . With a brand new cab structure, air conditioner + sunroof window, first-class tightness +
manipulation space, interior trim, luxury adjustable seat, adjustable steering wheel, brand new hood assembly, the whole cab looks more fashionable and energetic, with its safety improved.

You can choose the paddy feld,
radial tires dry field, grassland
and engineering tires according
to the working conditions.

Technical Specifications
Traction rating
Structure weight, kg
Length unit with front counterweight and rear attachment, mm
width, mm
Cab height, mm
Wheel seat, mm
Ground clearance (mm)
diesel, four-cylinder, inline, liquid-cooled
Rated power, kW (L c.)
36.8 (50) at 2400r/min
working volume,L
Fuel tank capacity,L
dry, double disc
Gear: Forward/Reverse
12/12 (reverse)
Maximum forward/reverse speed, km/h
32,7 / 28,7
Hydraulic suspension system
Maximum pressure, MPa
Pump displacement, l/min
Type of suspension system
Rear three-point type 2
Speed. r/min
Disc type. Mechanical type. Working in oil
front wheel
8.3-20 (31x9.5-16)
rear wheel
12.4-28 (13-20)

Optimized ergonomic design, reasonable control distributionand color division, as well as right-side manipulation; suspended accelerator and clutch pedal; manual accelerator and shuttle shift mechanism below the steering wheel; and steering gear can be adjusted back and forth.
The air inlet and outlet pipes are concealed behind the A-pillar of cab, providing you with better vision.
The larger oil tank will provide you with a longer operation time.

The new 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine is used for M Series 40-75hp tractor, which has a power range of 35-70hp; the ultralow fuel consumption (less than 245g/kwh) and extra-large torque output (155-245n.m) will make your work more efficient and energy-saving. In addition, it has passed the EPA and Euro III Emission Standards certification.
The torque reserve of engine is up to 25%, so it can provide you with enough torque in the traction operation; help you to
overcome the resistance produced in the tillage so that you do not need to frequently shift gears; and make your work more efficient.

The cylinder is enhanced and connected with the gearbox, when they are to bear the weight of the complete tractor, the
high-strength and high-rigidness cylinder will help you to calmly handle the heavy operations or bad ground working conditions.
Direct injection technology is adopted in cylinder to realize full combustion. The engine does more work with unit fuel

Smooth and convenient gearbox
Shuttle shift gear lever C is located on the right side of floor. If you push the gear lever C forward from the neutral position,forward gear is reached; and if you push it backward, reverse gear is reached.
12+12 gearbox
12+12 gearbox consists of 3 gear levers. The main gear lever A can reach 4 gears (1, 2, 3 and 4), auxiliary gear lever B can reach 2 forward speed zones (1, 2 and 3), and shuttle shift gear lever C can reach the forward and reverse gears.
Proper speed distribution
Proper working speed selection can not only deliver maximum productivity and economic efficiency, but also extend the service life of tractors. Tractors shall not always be operated at overload, so that engine can have a certain power reserve.
Field working speed of tractors shall ensure that engine works at around 80% of its rated load. To save fuel, you can throttle down at gear H1 in case of light load operation and low working speed.

Front axle with good manipulating performance and high reliability
1. Step-less adjustable limit bolt
The steering angle is limited, which not only ensures the steering safety, but also provides more adjustment options for users on the steering radius.
2. Regulating lever
The regulating lever can be shorter, which makes the manipulation more accurate and helps to obtain consistent, reliable and strong steering performance in case of uneven landform.
3. Excellent tightness
The tractor design is optimized, and high-quality seals are provided to achieve high waterproofness.
Rear axle with high reliability and large driving force
This rear axle with planetary reduction mechanism, differential mechanism and wet brake is used on the rear drive axle of M Series 40-75hp products, which possesses high durability, stability and reliability and is almost free of maintenance under normal conditions. In addition, the operation is comfortable, safe and reliable. Differential lock provides the driving force that is more stable.
The differential lock pedal is located on the floor at the right side of cab so that the driver can hitch the differential lock when releasing the clutch. If the driving forces on both sides of the rear axle are uniform, the differential lock will be automatically released.

Multi-functional operation capacity

A Field operations
The driver can choose the optimum PTO speed according to the actual ground conditions, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also reduces the fuel consumption. Low speed is applicable to
heavy PTO operations like rotary tillage,
especially in the case that soil is compact. You can switch to the high PTO speed when
the soil is soft in such light PTOoperations as the secondary rotary tillage or mowing, to maximize the working efficiency andcomplete the operations faster.
B Construction operations

High-performance control valve
High-per formance hydraulic control valve of European brand is applied, which is stable in performance, reliable in quality, and low in maintenance costs. You can choose the third loop to provide hydraulic control for the multi-functional equipment.
C Transportation operation
The standard M Series 40-75hp tractor is equipped with 25mm-thick draw bar (enhanced 36mm-thick draw bar optional) made of high quality steel produced with heat treatment process, featuring high strength and toughness. When small-sized trailers or pesticide vehicles are dragged, enhanced draw bars are capable to bear stronger traction and torque force.

Company Profile

Jiangsu Jitian International Trade Co., LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Jitian Agricultural Machinery Group Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Our company covers an area of 12,000 square meters and has 80 employees. We are specialized in the supply of agricultural machinery and its accessories.

Equipped with a number of process equipment to ensure the assembly quality of the whole machine
50 meters long gearbox, rear axle load line
The 120-meter final assembly line ensures the production capacity and meets the production needs in peak season.

3000 square meters parts and accessories area
Full range of tractor accessories
Specializing in the production of tractor steel rims, large, medium and super large tractor steel rims, and automobile wheels, with a complete variety.
Excellent tire supplier, meeting various models and requirements

Packing & Delivery


Q1. What is the advantage about your company?
A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.
Q2. Why should I choose your products?
A2. Our products are high quality and low price.
Q3. The logo and the color can be customized?
A3. Yes, we welcome you to sample custom.
Q4. Any other good service your company can provide?
A4. Yes,we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.

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