10Ah DL 4CD 35 Hand held tea plucking machine battery tea harvester (1600606502600)

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Product Overview


Battery Tea Harvester 1

Pleaes notice : The price including lithium battery, the harvester cost and freight are correct.

You can place order directly in the page, and we will deliver the machine to you within 1 day.

Product Description



The handheld battery tea plucker is mainly used for tea picking in mountain, hilly, plain and other terrains. It is produced with international advanced technology. It has the advantages of low noise, stable quality and high production efficiency. It is an ideal machine for tea picking.
We have improved the backrest, and widened the shoulder strap, so long-term use will not produce fatigue, so more efficient tea picking.

Added engineering plastic buckle, so the connection between the power cord and the machine will not fall off during use.

The most important thing is that we give you a tea collection bag for free, so you don't need to pour tea into your pocket frequently!



1. Increase tea picking baffle to improve tea picking efficiency;

2. Free tea picking bag, increases your tea-picking efficiency by 30%.

3. Ergonomic design, strengthen balance, hands not tired during working;
4. Adopts 24V lithium battery, total capacity 12Ah, and its working time can reach 10 hours!

5. Brushless motor, not afraid of high temperature and high humidity environment, 100% waterproof, It can still work when immersed in water!



DL-4CD-35 Battery Tea Harvester Spec List:

4CD-35 Battery HarvesterModelDL-4CD-35
Battery Voltage24V
Battery Total Capacity12Ah
Motor TypeBrushless Motor
Motor Speed5200 RPM
Motor Power200 W
Cutting width300 mm
Working Time10 Hours
Packing Size620*280*190 mm 

The default battery is a 24V lithium battery with a total capacity of 12Ah. Please let us know if you need other capacity.



Battery Tea Harvester (11)

100% Waterproof

Brushless motor and intelligent controller are used to ensure that the machine is 100% waterproof and can work even when immersed in water!


Battery Tea Harvester (9)

Widening Straps

The battery box is designed with a wider shoulder strap, and a new fixing strap is added on the abdomen. No matter how large the movement range, the battery will not slide!


Battery Tea Harvester (15)

SK5 Steel Blade

SK5 high strength fine steel white blade is adopted, It can cut 1cm thick branches without worrying about breakage during use!


Battery Tea Harvester (12)

Engineering plastic buckle

We are the only electric tea picking machine in the market that adopts the buckle design. No matter how hard you use, the interface will not fall off, allowing you to concentrate on tea picking!


Battery Tea Harvester (14)


Free cloth bag! Free! We will give you a free cloth bag to make tea picking more convenient and easy!




Battery Tea Harvester (8)


Battery Tea Harvester (2)


Battery Tea Harvester (3)


Battery Tea Harvester (5)


Battery Tea Harvester (6)


Battery Tea Harvester (7)


Battery Tea Harvester (14)


Packaging & Shipping



DL-4CD-35 Electric Battery Tea Leaf Harvesters we usually keep 500 units in our stock, and small orders are usually sent on the day of payment.

The tea-picking machine is packaged in a carton, and the carton is wrapped with a waterproof film to ensure that the tea-picking machine is complete when it is transported to your hands.

If you need mass production, the production time of 1000 sets usually takes 7 days, and fast delivery!

Our machines can be delivered to your home by express, and you can directly place an order on the page for payment

Battery Harvester Packing 


Battery Tea Harvester (1)


1Tea Collection Bags1 PCS
2Tea Harvester1 PCS
3Power Wire2 PCS
4Battery Charger2 PCS
5Tools Kits1 PCS
624V Lithium Battery2 PCS


Company Information


Our customers all over the world, as long as there are tea processing areas, you can see our machines, our customer includes Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. in Eastern Europe, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, etc. in Western Europe, Turkey, Yemen, Kuwait in the Middle East, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos in Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. in South Asia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Bolivia in Central and South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Belize, Colombia, etc., in Australia Australia and New Zealand, Africa has Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Kenya, etc.

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In Russia, Georgia, India, Vietnam, Peru and Turkey, we have offices that provide fast and high quality service to local customers. In 2019, we passed the bidding certification of the State Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, this is a national project we have settled in, which greatly encourages the quality of our products!

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Our whole series of equipment has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and EU CE certification. At present, our machines have been used in Western European countries such as Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, and so on. 

More than 20 Chinese national patent certificates, More than 50 promotion certificates of China Agriculture Ministry, Obtain ISO9001 quality system certification.

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