SSS Solar Powered sonic electronic gopher ultrasonic animal chaser device and solar powered pest mole repeller

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Product Overview


Solar power mole repeller 
Solar-powered mole repeller can chase away moles, gophers and other destructive burrowing animals just got a whole lot easier.
Using the sun – the strongest and least expensive power source available – the effective, eco-friendly solar Solar ultrasonic mole
repeller emits powerful vibration and sound pulses that drive away burrowing animals without a scratch.
This humane, poison-free mole and gopher repeller is safe to use around children and pets, so you can kick back and enjoy some
peace of mind, not to mention a destructive-free yard.

● Emit sonic pulses 4 seconds in every 30 seconds
● Poison-free way to drive away moles,gophers and voles
● Solar powered, rechargeable batteries included
● Operate in a circular pattern, approximately 40ft in diameter
● Spike covers up to 5,000 sq ft
● Waterproof design


Product Name
Solar Mole Repeller
Model No
Casing Material
Product Weight
Power Supply
Buit-in Rechargeable Battery
Solar Panel
2V, 36mAh
Working Mode
Sonic pulses emitted 2 seconds in every 30 seconds
Waterproof IP Rating
Coverage Area
Up to 5,000sq.ft.

Solar Powered - No need to replace battery
Solar-powered design allows you to save money and be environmentally-conscious. The solar cell can been fully charged within 6-8
hours and last up to 5-7 days of working. Install it anywhere in the ourdoors with sun exposure
Waterproof-Suitable for all weather conditions
Waterproof with corrosion-resistant ABS flame retardant material also applies to rainy days. Insert the spike in to the soil and
keep the head 2'' above the soil avoid water flowing into the interior
Cover Range of the Groundhog Repellent Spikes
Please insntall a mole spike every 70 feet. The effectiveness of the product depends on the type of soil to a large extent. Wet
clay is the best but it is difficult to spread the sound waves in dry or peat soil

1. Before installation, please charge the product under the sunlight for 12-24 hours.
2. Assemble the product as the following picture.
3. Make a pilot hole prior to inserting the Solar Sonic Spike into the ground. To prevent damage, do not hammer the Spike into the ground.
4. The tube above the ground should be between 2-3 inches.
5. Press the power button to turn on the Spike.
6. Remove the product when flooding may occur or before ground freezes.
7. Suggested installation space: Approximately 80 ft.

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