750/950W air blower for inflatable bouncer inflatable blower for inflatable games

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750W ,950W blower improves upon the original, increasing air volume without compromising machine size. The inner impeller is an iron impeller, which greatly improves the operating efficiency and service life of the machine, can quickly fill the airflow to the Max performance, and effectively protect the motor operation.
Customized service:
1. We will configure different types of plugs according to your needs.
2. You can choose the color of the built-in circle according to your personal preference (red, yellow, black,)

750 Watt yellow+red
750 Watt yellow
750 Watt yellow+black

EUR standard 950 Watt
EUR standard 950 Watt
EUR standard 950 Watt

Equipped with humanized handle for easy access. The fan casing is made of durable polypropylene flame retardant material, thickened, which greatly improves the service life. The rear switch is equipped with a transparent waterproof cover, and the waterproof level reaches IP44, which can avoid the switch failure caused by inadvertent contact with the water flow during use. In addition, the internal impeller is made of metal to ensure that the impeller will not be damaged after the motor runs for a long time and heat up, preventing aging and failure problems.

High quality motor and iron impellers are more beneficial than other plastics. The impeller and special built-in bearings will greatly reduce noise transmission, this material will not increase the weight of the impeller and can also eliminate operating noise in use.

The 2 air vents can effectively prevent users from being injured. The small hole design of the front air outlet is less than 6mm. The side iron mesh is also protected, which can effectively prevent children's fingers from entering. The safety is greatly improved and you can use it with confidence. The base has 4 ground stake holes (including stakes) for securing the machine during outdoor activities.

Powerful and efficient 950W, 750W motor, fast filling and great air flow, this blower is suitable for outdoor inflatable cartoons, bounce houses, obstacle courses and other suitable inflatable trampolines.

Product packaging

The inside is in foam to protect the machine for shipping and the outside is in a cardboard box. To ensure that the product is not damaged in transit, we sincerely hope that every customer receives the product in perfect condition.Experience a good shopping environment.
Package Includes
1*Air blower
1*Instruction manual

We support sea, air, land transportation, etc. If you have special transportation requirements, or have your own freight forwarder to arrange transportation, you can communicate with us, and we will do our best to satisfy customers.

Company Profile

Zhongshan Songhai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development, production of various types of inflatable blower and motor products. We wholeheartedly meet the needs of customers with the spirit of scientific innovation and strive to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient products.

As a powerful factory, all products from research-design-production are independently developed by our company.
Customers are welcome to come and visit.

Exported products are strictly in accordance with legal standards, and each product has certification (UL, CUL, CE, GS).


1.Will the plastic case be easily damaged?
A:it's wont.
After our repeated testing experiments, the plastic shell of this blower is made of PP, which has excellent flame retardant function, and the machine will not burn when the flame is close to it.

2.Does it affect the use in cold areas?
A:No, our test has tried to put the machine in an environment of -25 degrees and then take it out and it's still intact after the damage of the destroyer.

3.I'm not satisfied with the shell color design can it be changed?
A:Completely possible, but the change needs to depend on the number of products you want, and we will provide the modification service.

4. How long is your delivery time?
A: Small quantity is around 15 working days after receiving the prepayment. Large quantity orders need to negotiate the delivery time.

5.How to contact you to buy?
A:You can send an E-mail or find the corresponding service staff to inquire.

Hope you have enjoyful shopping~

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