Новейшие очки Pegasi с защитой от синего света для лучшего сна

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Product NamePegasi Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Frame size47.03mm*141.94mm
Frame weight10.2g
Lens MaterialTR-X
Lens thickness2.25mm
Lens width53.51mm
Working Temperature-20℃




  • Block Harmful Light: Effectively filtering the 280nm-510nm long and short wave blue light which interferes sleep at night.

  • Relieve Eye Fatigue: Blocking the harmful light from visual damage, relieving visual fatigue.

  • Improve Performance: Stay focused, work efficiently and perform better.

  • Improve Sleep Quality: Effectively reducing the impact of the harmful light on sleep, regulating the secretion of melatonin and sleeping better.



How to use Pegasi Light Blocking Glasses?

Wear our Blue Blocking Amber Glasses from 8:00pm till bedtime.

Put them on close to the same time every night even if your bedtime varies.



Why orange lenses and not yellow or clear?

Most blue blockers are only designed to protect our eyes from short wavelength blue light. Pegasi blue

light blocking glasses is designed to block a wider range of light for improving sleep. An orange lens is

absolutely necessary to block these wavelengths.


Am I supposed to sleep with them on?

No. You wear them from 8:00pm till bed time. Please leave them on the nightstand before falling asleep.


Can I wear them in the daytime?

No. Pegasi blue light blocking glasses is only used before bedtime.


Can I wear them when I’m driving?

No. You only need to wear them before bedtime at home. You may have trouble distinguishing signs and signals when wear them when driving with the glasses.


Are they workable for kids and elderly?

Pegasi blue light glasses is suitable for people from 13 years old to 70 years old.



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