High quality good price rf co2 laser tube laser source for cutting machine

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Product Overview


Yongli replace synrad rf metal low price 30w synrad co2 rf laser tube 60w rf metal laser tube

Product Description

Refillable Co2 RF Laser Metal Tube Best Match for Your Machine
YongLi Co2 RF Laser Tubes are the main CO2 laser type used in small to medium size laser machines. These are commonly referred to as RF Lasers (also called ‘metal’ lasers).

YongLi RLT Series RF CO2 laser metal tubes combine superior optical performance with high reliability, exceptional stability, long operational lifetimes, and a modular design for easy serviceability, making them a worry-free, cost-effective choice for OEMs.

The materials used to make the laser cavity in the YongLi Refillable RF laser tube are very different. YongLi 30W 60W RF laser tubes are constructed from a ceramic core within an aluminum extruded outer body. This results in a robust construction with good optical alignment.

The full power life expectancy for YongLi 30W/60W RF laser tube is typically over 40,000 hours. This represents more than 12 years of single-shift working. They can also be refurbished, giving many more years of life.

A huge range of products, with powers from 30W to 60W, 9.3 µm or 10.6 µm wavelengths can be customized, and pulsed or CW operation, all designed for high reliability and uptime, minimal maintenance downtime, easy serviceability, and simplified OEM integration.

YongLi Refillable CO2 RF Laser Tube can Cut, slit, engrave, score, and mark a wide variety of materials, including wood, cloth, leather, paper, films, plastics, and die boards, Cooling options include air cooled (fans), OEM (no fans) and liquid cooled. Applied on many industrys such as Materials Processing, Cutting, Marking, Engraving, and Additive Manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

Model NO.
10.6μm(Customizable 9.3μm)
Optical Output Power
Beam Mode
Power stability
Mode quality
Beam Divergence (mrad, full angle)
Beam Size
Beam divergence angle
7.5±0.5m Radian full angle
>100 to 1 (fixed linear, parallel to width)
Operating frequency and duty cycle
0-25kHz, 0 to 100% DC
Input voltage
Working Life expectancy
40,000 Hours
24 Months
Heat load
Cooling Method
Air Cooling/ Water Cooling(6L/M)
Maximum case temperature
Ambient temperature at work
Operating Altitude
Operating Humidity
Shipping and storage environments
-10~60ºC(14~140ºF), Non-condensing

Product Details

High Stability RLT Series RF CO2 Lasers
Compact RF CO2 laser tubes with more than 30 or 60 Watts of average power for high-speed marking, cutting, and 3D printing applications are available with multiple wavelength options to process a broad range of materials. A unique 60 Watt fan-cooled model is available for OEMs and system integrators seeking an economical and efficient 60 Watt CO2 laser source.

Refillable:When a Co2 laser glass tube uses up its Co2 gas. The tube need be replaced and discard because of the tube has very little gas and the power drops off.
YongLi RLT Series CO2 RF sealed-off laser resonator tube can be refilled with the gas, once it gets refilled/recharged, the laser tube can be reused for several extra years.Obviously refilling the old one would be more cost-effective. To discard the laser tube would be a great waste. You can simply send it back to us for the refilling or just contact your local laser refill service store to get it done easily

Price: YongLi RF Laser Metal tubes are many times cheaper than other brands' RF tubes thanks to the advanced production process and factory direct sale model. There is no distributor in between which allowed us to give all the benefits to our customers.

Perfect replacement for all similar RF lasers: YongLi RF Laser Tube can perfectly replace all the same power RF laser tubes without any additional adjustment, our customers could easily change the RF tubes at ease.

Working substance: mainly a mixed gas composed of carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, etc. Excitation source: RF power is used as excitation source.
Service life: YongLi 30w/60w CO2 RF Laser Metal Tube has a lifespan of more than 40,000 hours. It can generally be used for 6-8 years, and it can be used repeatedly without replacement; while the glass tube marking machine is only about 2500 hours, usually replaced every six months. The glass tube is not reusable and needs to be replaced.

One of the primary differences and technological advancements that is incorporated in this design is the resonator. Latest release is model RLT-30/RLT-60 with 30/60 Watts and 9.3 µm wavelength.

Simplify Integration YongLi RF Co2 Laser Metal Tube
Spot size (beam): CO2 radio frequency tube laser marking machine has a fine spot of 0.07mm, which is more than 3 times finer than glass tube, high precision, small thermal diffusion area, and can engrave/cut very fine works; CO2 glass tube laser The marking machine has a coarse light spot of 0.25mm, poor accuracy, unstable light output (uneven light intensity, sometimes no light), large heat diffusion area, melting and blackening of the cutting edge, and poor engraving accuracy.

Stability: The RF tube is a fully sealed metal tube and uses a 48kV low-voltage power supply, which directly avoids some of the disadvantages caused by the use of high-voltage power; Convenient and adjustable output power, excellent stability and high operational reliability

The RF laser switching time is faster than DC lasers. This results in sharper definition when engraving fine detail, and the ability to increase the engraving speed without detriment to the quality of the result.The output laser is TEM00 mode, which is 3 times finer than the glass tube

YongLi's RLT Series includes RF excited, 30 and 60 Watt CO2 RF lasers. For customer convenience, all models have identical form and fit with internal RF-drive electronics. If a different power laser is required, only the DC power supply will require changing.

60 Watts CO2 RF lasers are offered in two different cooling configurations.The Fan-Cooled configuration comes fitted with cooling fans. The water cooled version is supplied with an input and output port to connect a chilled water source (co2 laser water chiller).

All configurations of 30 and 60 Watt RF lasers are built around YONGLI's patented ceramic core technology that provides superior lifetime, reliability, and stability.

The RLT-30’s/RLT-60’s resonator is a Z-folded (2-fold) resonator. This allows for a smaller package design when compared with other 30/60 Watt CO2 RF laser tubes and is the shortest (folded) resonator in the 30 – 60 watt CO2 laser class, but has a remarkably long (unfolded) resonator length, resulting in high stability.

This provides superior power and beam diameter stability. Early test have shown the from-cold power stability in the ±2% range.

YONGLI is excited to extend the upper limit of its RLT Series Lasers to include this new higher powered CO2 RF laser sources.

The model RLT-60(60W) RF lasers are based on our proven Ceramic Core Technology and offer the advantages of superior stability, gas lifetime and reliability over traditional metal or glass tube technology.

Although rated power for 60 Watts, this RF laser tube ship from our factory with a minimum of 10% additional output power (65 Watts respectively) GUARANTEED. These RF metal laser tube has integrated RF Power and is available as water cooled (chiller required and not included).

Manufacturing Technique

World-Class Top Standards of RF Laser Manufacturing
7*24 hours Automaticly intelligent aging workshop
360 hours Processing, More than 20 procedures, 8 inspections
Verify raw materials Assembly inspection Semi-finished product inspection
High and low temperature test and inspection
Simulated Transportation Vibration Inspection
Production line delivery inspection

Degassing equipment
Constant high temperature and high vacuum degassing for 120 hours
Guaranteed working substance purity ISO9001 standard
customized equipment--international leading level

Vacuum system
The ultra-high vacuum exhaust system exhausts for 72 hours, and the vacuum degree can reach 1.0*10^(-6)Pa
Non-standard customized equipment, the technology has reached the international leading level Internationally leading Linde gas

Machining workshop
Machined parts - the tolerance is controlled within 0.02mm, the key dimension is less than 0.01mm, and the surface finish is less than Ra6.3, which improves the fit between the accessories. Although the cost is increased, the quality of the product is reliably guaranteed .


RF Tube For CO2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
-Achieve high speed static or dynamic online marking code
-Mark/Engrave clearly
-Hard-wearing quality
-High engraving and marking efficiency

RF metal tube is a small size and compact device, maintenance free, high output beam quality (more than 3 times finer than glass tube, power stability, long service life, and can be reused after inflation.

RF lasers generate a smaller spot size out of the output window of the laser. The smaller the spot size, the finer the engraving detail. For high precision engraving, this smaller spot size makes a difference. There are many applications where this advantage in quality will not make itself apparent.

Co2 Laser Engraving or Cutting Process requires fast scanning back and forth. The response speed of RF tube is fast-1600mm / s, so for engraving or cutting, it is the best choice.

For CO2 Laser Marking Machine
-Achieve high speed static or dynamic marking effect.
-Mark/Engrave clearly
-Hard-wearing quality
-High engraving and marking efficiency
Co2 laser marker adopts world famous YONGLI RF Laser Metal Tube quite suitable for users requiring highest precision and fastest speed batch production, tags, nameplate, logos.

RF Laser Tube For Fractional Medical Treatment System
-CO2 Fractional Laser Scare Removal Skin Resurfacing Device
-CO2 laser therapy
-RF Stretch Marks Removal
-RF Tube Laser Generator Vaginal Tightening Laser
-Cosmetology surgery apparatus

Advanced fractional CO2 Laser, it has best beam quality with RF Laser METAL TUBE. For skin resurfacing&rejuvenation with less down time, RF Metal tube from YONGLI guarantees its stable and minimized beam size for minimized PIH and Downtime


7 Manufacturing Patented Technology
RF Power Technology
Ultra-high vacuum technology
Discharge cell polishing technology
RF Power Automatic Tuning and Matching Technology
Z-shaped optical path design inside the cavity Overall Design of Ceramic Resonator
Proportion Design of Working Substances
7 Product Designed Patented Technology
High heat dissipation folded RF CO2 laser
CO2 RF laser charging and exhausting equipment RF-excited carbon dioxide laser electrode fixture
RF-excited gas laser pre-ionization device
Electrode structure of carbon dioxide laser excited by radio frequency
RF-excited carbon dioxide laser spot shaping lens RF Laser

The manufacturer YONGLI confirms that our electrical or electronic equipment (including the underlying components) is free of hazardous substances.
The CE certifies indicate that YongLi RF laser tube has met EU consumer safety, health, or environmental requirements.

100% Focusing on Laser Technology
As so far, YongLi Laser Technology has obtained 50 patents, 6 software copyrights, and has successfully passed European CE certification, RoHS certification, FCC certification, REACH certification, MSDS certification, US Food and Drug Administration Certification, TUV Rheinland certification, Swiss SGS testing certification, and ISO9001 quality management system certification.
YongLi Laser Technology is a member of Alibaba Group’s TrustPass VIP member and Golden & Assessed Supplier. The business covers more than 70 cities in China, as well as nearly 80 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa, and is highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

Packing & Shipping

Standard export packing & Extremely Fast Shipping
Every RF laser tube is packed with great care and tough material. It is packed with cling films first and then film bags. At last, it is packed with a hard carton case which is reinforced with tapes on the top and bottom.

All our RF laser tubes are protected well during the long trip by sea or by train. We can transport RF laser tube by sea/air freight or express by DHL EMS UPS etc. Or according to your requirement.

Company Profile

Founded in 2005, YONGLI became one of the leading laser technology companies by aiming for, and consistently delivering high-end specifications. YONGLI's co2 lasers are appreciated for their excellent cutting performance, wide application range and ideal beam profiles.

YONGLI's more than 400 employees take pride in developing customized products. In close collaboration with several universities and institutes, the latest scientific discoveries are frequently incorporated into commercial products. With a global distribution network, YONGLI provides exceptional service worldwide.

In 2002, YONGLI began its base in CHANGCHUN when it founded the subsidiary SUNLITE originally located in the North Lake Technology Development Zone. As SUNLITE continued its growth it expanded to add the BLUETIMES International Tranding Co.,Ltd to support their world-wide business in 2021. SUNLITE began with just 43 employees and has since grown to 184 employees between the two facilities, with plans to increase this number even further in 2022.

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