LFD928 Factory film use ultra thin high clarity custom factory supply laptop anti-reflection screen protector For Macbook

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Product Overview


Product Description

Testing Method
Reflection (%)
Cross-cut test
JIS K5600
Hardness (H)
ASTM D3363-05(Force: 500gf)
Haze (%)
Front light transmittance (%)
Water contact angle (°)
Hue a* value%
Hue b* value%

What is Lifengda AR screen protector?
Function: anti-reflection / anti-reflection, to achieve visibility under strong light.
Principle: The secondary reflection of light on the anti-reflection layer will interfere with the original reflected light. The interference effect of different optical materials on the HC layer is used to eliminate the reflected light, thereby weakening the reflected light, that is, enhancing the incident light, which plays a role in The anti-reflection effect makes the display effect clearer
Conditions: There must be an air layer on the surface of the film layer, and ordinary film materials cannot be pasted, otherwise there will be no Lifengda AR effect.

Application field

How to implement Anti-Reflection technology?
Through Lifengda Anti-Reflection technology, the reflectivity of glass can be reduced to 0.1%~1.2%, and the light transmittance can be increased to 95%~98%.

Light Reflectance
Light Transmittance
High Transparency Glass
AR Low Anti-Reflection Coating

Product Usage

Why use Lifengda AR coating screen protector? 
Improve the definition to more than 95%, the color is more transparent.
Apple has applied Lifengda AR coating to the original screen of iPad/MacBook. When ordinary glass film/PET film is attached, it covers the surface coating of the original screen, which greatly reduces the clarity.
The Lifengda AR film can maintain the original screen effect, solve the problem of clarity, the color is more saturated, and the Lifengda AR coating of the original screen is not spoiled, and the user feels good.

Reduce reflected light, visible under strong light.
Ordinary film is very reflective under strong light or fluorescent light, and it is dazzling.
The Lifengda AR film can reduce the reflectivity, and the screen can be read clearly under strong light, which is not dazzling and protects the eyes.

Vacuum plating Lifengda AR, AF coating, high wear resistance, anti-fingerprint.
Electroplating AF coating treatment, high water drop angle, make the screen easier to clean.
Using vacuum Lifengda AR coating technology, the Lifengda AR surface coating wear resistance test can reach 2000+, which protects the screen and is more wear-resistant.

With Lifengda AR film, the device is more energy-saving and power-saving.
The screen with ordinary film is not clear in the sun. Once the brightness is increased, the battery consumption will be large and the power will be used quickly.
The Lifengda AR film has high definition, and the screen is unobstructed under strong light, no need to adjust the brightness, and it is more energy-saving and power-saving.

 Lifengda AR film VS Tempered film
The tempered film is thick, and the touch screen or handwriting is occasionally insensitive to touch.
Lifengda AR film is thinner than invisible, sensitive and constantly touching.
Tempered glass film thickness (um): 330un ~ 450un
Lifengda AR low anti-reflection coating thickness (um): 170un

The best partner of magnetic paper film
Tempered film + magnetic paper film, the display effect is white and distorted.
Lifengda AR film + magnetic paper film, the display effect is clearer and the visual perception is more comfortable.

Protect the original Lifengda AR screen and save the cost of screen replacement.
For MacBook users who like to use bare metal, the dirty grease on the keyboard can easily damage the original screen.
The Lifengda AR film does not need to open holes to protect the camera area of the original screen, and the Lifengda AR screen protective film will not be scratched when it is cleaned, which is deeply favored by designers.

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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Lifengda Technology established in 2010, a foreign-invested & fast-growing technical company, over 10 years experience of optical screen protectors, focus in new material and technology development for OEM&ODM B2B&B2C clients all over the world. 100+ well-trained workers, 4000+ square meters plant and 1000 square meters of head office, full dust-free environment, own developed laser machines and other equipment facilities, ISO14001 and ISO9001 approved, premium quality, strict inspection and best service! We are the high-tech enterprise of developing hard & resistance UV coating too. We supply unique consumer protectors, independently owned 20+ patented products and trademarks, e.g. magnetic privacy, screen protector install tooling, paper feeling film, OEM & ODM is welcomed, product certificates are all approved. Lifengda is committed to the development and application of the optical film industry, striving to become the leader in the protective film industry.

Company Certification

We provide unique consumer protectors, independently own more than 20 patented products and trademarks, such as magnetic privacy, screen protector installation tool, paper feel film, OEM and ODM are welcome, product certificates are all approved.


Why buy from us?
1, 12+ years of manufacturing experience
2, 6000 SQM dust-free workshop, 100% full inspection with trusted quality
3, Complies with ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, TUV and product certification
4, Within 48 hours of delivery
5, Global Patent & trademark supported (Magnetic Privacy Filter, Paperfilm, etc)

How can we guarantee the quality of Lifengda AR film?
Imported material from Japan under strict quality management. 6000 SQM dust-free workshop, 100% full inspection with trusted quality

How does Lifengda AR film work?
Improves contrast by reducing scattered light in the system. When the light is reflected twice on the AR coating, it will interfere with the original reflected light, thereby weakening the reflected light. Therefore, when the reflection light decreases, the transmitted light increases.

What product is the Lifengda AR film used for?
Top recommendations are laptop screens and automotive screens, tablet screens demand is picking up.

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What are the delivery methods for Lifengda AR screen protector?
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Express, sea, air. Express include FEDEX, UPS, DHL, EMS.

Does Lifengda AR film accept OEM packaging?Can you customize the LOGO?
Yes,and it request MOQ

Other Question
If you have other questions that need to be consulted, please feel free to contact the customer staff of our store at any time, and we will answer you patiently! Thanks for your inquiry and viewing! Have a nice day!

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