Aozhan/Jingshang 304/316 carbon steel ISO7380 Hexagon socket button head screw bolt

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1.Is the product an Olympic brand? Is there a guarantee?
This shop is the Olympic exhibition brand, is the manufacturer's own brand, has its own warehouse, can provide quality inspection and raw material report .

2.Can we issue tickets, special or general?
Support invoice, according to customer demand special invoice (13% tax point) or general invoice (3% tax point) .

3.How soon can the product be shipped?
After taking the product, 24 hours delivery, 48 hours to collect, (except special circumstances)

4.How about the specifications of screws?
Store how many times how many examples: M5*20 refers to screws 5mm in diameter, 20mm in length of screws, all screws with standard ruler measurement, such as tape measure or student ruler measurement error is quite large .

5.Why is there oil on the product?
Because the product is a boiled oil product, its purpose is to prevent locking.

6.What kinds of stainless steel are most commonly used?
304 stainless steel, outdoor or wet environment, strong corrosion and acid resistance, 316 stainless steel, clamp, more corrosion resistance and pore corrosion resistance, especially suitable for seawater and chemical media .

Special note: since 2003, the world's stainless steel raw materials rise, the domestic market appears a class of "low nickel"
cheap economic stainless steel (containing nickel Ni1.5-4.5%) austenitic stainless steel, the price is about 15%-40% lower than 304 stainless steel, corrosion and rust ability is relatively low, the Exhibition products are all austenitic 304 or 316 stainless steel products.

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