The manufacturer supplies ujz-15 vertical mortar mixer, 15 l horizontal mortar mixer and mortar mixer

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Product Overview


Product Overview

This product is a special equipment designed to cooperate with the promotion and implementation of the national Ministry of construction (jgj70-90) "test method standard for building mortar foundation performance". It is mainly used in the construction industry, colleges and universities and research units The mixing machine used by the quality inspection department for strength test of wall powder materials and brick wall mortar is also applicable to the production of artificial marble manufacturers' fabrics and other powder mixing work.
It has two relative rotations of the mixing blade moving clockwise and the mixing bucket moving anticlockwise, so it has the characteristics of uniform mixing, short mixing time, high efficiency and convenient operation.


 Mixing blade
2 layers of 4 pieces × sixty
Operation diameter of mixing blade
 φ 200mm
Stirring blade speed
(clockwise) 80 ± 4R / min
Speed of mixing drum
(counter clockwise) 60 ± 2R / min
Mixing drum capacity
(feeding) 28L
Rated capacity of mixing drum
(discharge) 15L
 Inner diameter of mixing drum
 φ 380mm
Mixing drum depth
Clearance between fixed blade and mixing drum wall
2 ± 0.5mm
 Interval between mixing blade and bottom of mixing drum
 2 ± 0.5mm
Voltage and power
380V / 1500W


5、 Repair and maintenance
(1) It should be placed in a dry environment without any corrosive medium.
(2) After use, clean the barrel and mixing blade with clean water and dry them (if they are not used for a long time The user can apply antirust oil to the barrel and the blade surface).
(3) Always pay attention to whether the fasteners are loose after use and tighten them in time.
(4) During feeding, it is strictly prohibited to sandwich iron nails, iron wires and other hard objects in cement and sand to avoid damage
This is a broken machine.

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Left elevation
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Company profile
Hebei Shuangxin Test Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. distributes and wholesales pressure testing machines,
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