Brick factory wear-resistant ceramic mixer blade ceramic blade screw reamer blade of brick machine mouth

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Blade of wear-resisting ceramic mixer blade

Wear-resistant ceramic stirring knife refers to the main stirring parts in the mixer, the parts of serious wear on the composite
layer of wear-resistant ceramic, reamer shape optimization design after the formation of a high wear-resistant mixer accessories.
Wear-resistant ceramic to the composite reamer used a new manufacturing technology, polymer composite ceramic technology, vacuum
paste technology, surface layer makes the product with the current technical level and the service life of the reamer and the
application of performance reach or exceed the mixer manufacturing company level, products sold throughout the country, in
multiple ways to fill the domestic blank.

performance feature

Wear-resisting service life: Because the hardness of the composite ceramic layer on the working surface of the reamer is HRA≥86,
its particle erosion and wear resistance is at least 5 times higher than that of ordinary tungsten carbide surfacing, spraying
spray welding and alloy powder block. The thickness of the ceramic sheet is 15mm, and the daily production of 100,000-150,000
standard bricks can be used for more than 5 months.

Safety, reliability and high efficiency: Because of the use of a variety of high-tech composite ceramic technology, and the
composite layer toughness is excellent, no one due to ceramic falling off the mixer unplanned outage accident, withstood the test
of a long time and batch. At the same time, because the wear problem is not considered, the operation of the mixer is greatly
improved, the maintenance time is reduced, and the economic benefit is improved. Simple and convenient maintenance: THE special
ceramic - composite manufacturing technology can be used to repair the abnormal ceramic falling off and local wear in the process
of operation, so as to ensure that the mixer and accessories are put into operation in time.

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