FASHION Repair Mobile LCD Touch Screen Clear Transparent Cell Phone Adhesive Jewelry B7000 110ML 50ML 15ML B7000 Glue Adhesive

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Mobile phone screen repair Footwear & Leather Construction Epoxy Adhesive 15ml 50ml 110ml Liquid Glue

Product Name
Jewelry Glue
transparent floating body
Solid conternt
After curing hardness
clear/black and more
Suface drying time
4-6minuters or so
Copmletely cure time
all transparent,soft glue,medium and high strength
no whitening,no hard,low drawing and low odor

B7000 features: full of elasticity, and strong adhesion; not only anti-wear, but also anti-impact. Under acidic or alkaline environment, it has the chemical characteristics of acid and alkali resistance; it has excellent dielectric insulation and resistance; it is not flammable.
Advantages: This product is absolutely capable of bonding interfaces in an oscillating environment. It can be used to join materials with a high expansion coefficient (such as cement), and the tensile force of the interface is nine times stronger than that of silicone products. It can be used in busy traffic areas as a protective layer for contact surfaces. It can be used as an anti-corrosion protective coating in acid and alkali environments (such as salt water or). Extremely suitable for electronic equipment. Extended information Glue and sealant should be used in a certain environment, and the working conditions have an important influence on the bonding performance. In the use conditions, there are stress conditions, ambient temperature and humidity, chemical media conditions, outdoor conditions, etc.
1. Force condition. When the adherend is subjected to peeling force and uneven pull-off force, rubber with good toughness can be selected, such as rubber glue, polyurethane glue, etc.; when the adherend is subjected to uniform pull-off force and shear force, it can be selected with higher hardness and strength. High glue, such as epoxy glue, acrylic glue.
2. Temperature conditions. Different glues have different heat resistance. According to different temperatures, choose different glues.
3. Humidity. Moisture and moisture are very detrimental to the stability of the bonding interface and can be said to be harmful and not beneficial. Because water molecules are small in size and high in polarity, after penetration and diffusion, they play a kind of hydrolysis effect, causing the bonding surface to be destroyed or detached by itself, resulting in a decrease in bonding strength and durability. The adhered parts require good water resistance, epoxy glue, polyurethane glue, etc. are selected.
4. Chemical medium. Chemical media mainly refers to acids, alkalis, salts, solvents, etc., different types of glue, different curing conditions, have different resistance to media. Therefore, glue and sealant should be selected according to the medium contacted by the adherend.
5. Outdoor conditions. Adhesive joints used outdoors are under more complicated conditions. Temperature changes, wind, rain, and freezing in the sun will accelerate the aging of the adhesive layer and shorten the life span. Therefore, under outdoor conditions, high-temperature curing and weather-resistant adhesives should be used for bonding, such as phenol-acetal, epoxy-nitrile, and silicone sealant for sealing.

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