Электронное цифровое устройство для испытания сопротивления изоляции Huazheng, 10 кВ, испытание сопротивления изоляции huazheng

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Product Overview


Huazheng Electric Digital insulation resistance test device huazheng 10kv insulation resistance test

Product Description


HZJY-10K Insulation Resistance Tester dedicated to the measurement of water-cooled generator test, but also can be used for laboratory or field testing. The output current is greater than 5mA. The maximum output voltage is 10KV. It includes high-precision micro-current measurement system and digital boost system, which uses a high-voltage line and a signal line connecting with the test product. The results from the large screen liquid crystal display and store the results with automatic measurement.


Ⅰ Main Features

1. 32-bit micro-controller, English interface, easy to operate.

2. Automatically calculates the absorption ratio and the polarization index, and automatically save 15 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes to facilitate analysis of data per minute.

3. Output current and short-circuit current are greater than 5mA. Anti-interference ability, which meets the EHV substation on-site operation.

4.With a fully enclosed high-voltage generator module technology,and the protection of the internal

resistance is safe and reliable.

5.Automatic discharge after testing and real-time monitoring the discharge process.


Ⅱ Main Technical Performance


Test Voltage

0.5KV ,1KV,2.5KV,5KV, 10KV

Resistance Range

0.1M ~ 400GΩ

Measuring Time

1 minute to 10 minutes

Short Circuit Current



-10 ~ 40 


Intelligent High-voltage insulation resistance tester, with 5 range: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V, test up to 10TΩ.

 Strict accordance with the safety standards for design

 Insulation resistance range 10TΩ @ 10 kv

 Short circuit current can be adjusted, maximum 5 mA (Up to 10mA short circuit current product can be ordered.

 Automatic display polarization index (PI), Induced electric absorption ratio test values (DAR), and can test the leakage current and capacitance.

 The anti-interference performance is superior. When the interference current reaches 2mA, the instrument still ensures the test accuracy.

 Rapid discharge of capacitive test products, no need for manual discharge when testing cables, automatic rapid discharge of instruments.

2 power supply modes: the battery is powered by lithium ion battery, and the battery life can reach 4 hours (10000V @100m test resistance). It can also be charged while in use. In case of power failure, it can be automatically converted from AC power supply to battery power supply.

 Insulation resistance simulation column.

 Digital filtering functions, external influence deviation display value causing mitigation point using filter function.

 Perfect protection function, and the spare fuse prompt functions.


III. Specification Parameter

 Safety Standard

IEC 61010-1    CAT.IV  600V

IEC 61326      EMC specification: test, control and electrical equipment for testing

IEC60529 IP64 (Outer closed state)

 AC Power:220V±10%,50/60 HZ ,20 VA

 battery:16.8V Lithium ion rechargeable battery

 Battery Life:10000V@100M, 4 hour

 size(L x W x H):26cm x 20cm x 16cm


 Test voltage accuracy: the nominal value  100% to 110%

 Voltage measurement accuracy:5%+3V

 Current test range:10mA

 current measure precision:5%+0.2nA

 short-circuit current: 5mA

 Capacitance test range:20uF

 Capacitance testing accuracy:15%+0.03uF

Capacitor discharge rate: from 10000V to 10V,0.5S/µF

 Insulation resistance testing range and accuracy (T:23±5ºC ,RH :45 – 75%)





















10G -100G





> 100G

> 200G

> 1T

> 1T





                         Insulation Tester


Transformet Tester




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From the date of purchase within one year instrument, is a product quality problem free repair replacement, lifetime supply of maintenance and technical services. The instrument has found anomalies or malfunctions please contact us to arrange the most convenient treatment options.



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