2 ply Biodegradable Bamboo Kitchen Roll Tissue Paper Towel

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Product Overview


Item Name
Kitchen paper towel roll
225*225 mm
100 sheets
2 layer
Virgin bamboo pulp
Unbleached /white
21 gsm
8 rolls/carton
Lead time
20-35 working days
Oil absorbant ,Washable

1. Q: Do you use virgin bamboo pulp for tissue paper ?
Yes, Donsea Paper use 100% virgin bamboo pulp , no recycled or wood pulp .

2. Q: Can you do our private label for the tissue paper products ?
Yes, Donsea Paper can do your private label , your logo , your brand on the package of the products .

3. Q: Is Bamboo a tree or the grass ? Bamboo is actually grass , not tree. And Bamboo is highly renewable resources , evergreen
plant & fastly growing .

4. Q: Is Bamboo toilet paper soft or not ?
a. 100% virgin bamboo pulp toilet paper is rather soft and water-absorbing.
b. Bamboo is highly water absorbent, able to take up three times its weight in water.
c. Bamboo grows without fertilizers or pesticides , as a result, plantations can easily be kept organic.

5.Q: Is bamboo more Eco-friendly for making paper , comparing with wood ? Why ?
Yes, Bamboo is highly renewable , growing fast . And bamboo is the fastest growing canopyfor the re-geening of degraded lands and
releases 35% more oxygen than equivalenttimber tands.
We manage our own bamboo forest resonablly to make bamboo forest sustainable for ever .

6.Q: Will bamboo tissue paper production impact the habitat of panda ?
No, the bamboo we use for making tissue paper is different specifices from the bamboo for panda, and we use the bamboo from our
own bamboo forest , which we will manage well by our own management team .

7. Q: Does your unbleached bamboo toilet paper is 100% unbleached ?
Yes, Donsea Paper unbleached bamboo toilet paper is 100% unbleached & totally chlorine free & less contanimate to the environment

8.Q: Why should I choose your unbleached virgin bamboo pulp tissue paper ?
Choosing no-tree bamboo pulp tissue paper will protect the trees on the earth , and
unbleached tissue paper is more healthy to the skin . People should make a difference to the earth when they are choosing the
products to buy .

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