PAM8403 3W High Power 2 Channel USB Digital Amplifier Module For MP4 (1600611994323)

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PAM8403 3W High Power 2-Channel USB Digital Amplifier Module For MP4

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Super mini digital amplifier board, obtained at 10 years new and efficient digital amplifier, 5V power input, ultra-thin board [3W x 2] 6W can be very convenient slit into small pla ic box or other device, as seen to create MP3 / four small external speakers, etc. as you imagine, is recommended to take the USB power supply with a single 5V or lithium.  


Power: DC (DC): 3.6v-5.5V
Output power: 3W + 3W (4 ohms)
SNR: 90dB
Efficiency:> 90%
Dimensions: 24*15.5 mm

posi oning hole size: 20mm aperture spacing: 2mm

1: Do not reverse the posi ve and negave power supply voltage can not exceed 5.5V, these two viola ons would have led IC damage.
2: On-chip high-gain buffer, the board can not change any component parameters do not meet the parameters will result in IC damage.
3: Try using the line input cable with shielded, can play a role in immunity, eliminate clutter current sound.
4: cmos tube BTL output drive mode, the speaker can not be negave about together, that is connected to the speaker's four lines are completely independent, does not allow total access!


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