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Intelligent pressure calibrator, its performance-price ratio is better than similar products of British Druck Company. The intelligent pressure calibrator not only solves the calibration of standard pressure, but also better meets the needs of comprehensive on-site testing. The basic accuracy is divided into 0.1% and 0.05%. It is an ideal high-end tool meter for laboratories, factories, colleges and universities, and can be used as a medium and high-precision pressure standard instrument for pressure/differential pressure transmitters, general/precision pressure gauges , pressure sensors, pressure switches, etc. for calibration and verification.



Pressure Range
-90Kpa-2.5Mpa (stall)
Resolution: Pressure
Min1Pa current Min1µA
Current measurement range
DC Output
Accuracy: Pressure
0.1% F • S 0.05% F • S current: 0.05% ± 1d
5-50 ° C
DC Working hours
4 1/2LCD 5 1/2 LCD dual display current pressure
Relative Humidity
≤80% RH
on-line for the range of 1.2-1.5 times
240 * 80 * 40mm
Power and Power
220VAC 50Hz 3VA


1, With the manual hydraulic pressure source of 0~20Mpa;

2, Calibration range: 0~20Mpa, equipped with imported pressure sensor, high inspection accuracy;

3,It has the functions of measuring current and voltage process signals and outputting DC24V, which can be detected at the same time as the pressure signal, which is convenient for the calibration of the transmitter;

4, High-precision A/D conversion; the software automatically performs nonlinear correction and temperature compensation;

5, Various pressure units such as kPa, mmH2O, mmHg, mbar are available;

6, Suitable for calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure controllers, sensors, etc.



1. The intelligent pressure calibrator is a portable instrument for both AC and DC. It can measure the current while measuring the pressure, and display it on the LCD at the same time, and has a 24VDC output. A pressure hand pump is installed on the front panel, making it an ideal field calibration instrument.
2. The high-performance microprocessor continuously corrects the zero point and linearity of the instrument to ensure that the zero point and accuracy of the instrument have good repeatability and stability for a long time, and the measurement accuracy is high.
3. High-performance CPU and temperature sensor are used to automatically compensate the temperature drift of the instrument to ensure a wide temperature range under the accuracy.
4. Low power consumption. After the battery is fully charged, the continuous working time under the guarantee of accuracy is long.
5. Constant current charging, with automatic shutdown and automatic protection of battery voltage overcharge and undervoltage, to ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to overcharge or undervoltage, and the battery has a long service life.
6. The under-voltage automatic protection function of micro-power consumption ensures that the meter will not damage the battery due to under-voltage even if the operator continues to turn on the meter for too long due to Huasheng metering production.
7. The instrument range is rich in functions, one meter is multi-purpose, and has a variety of display styles, which can simultaneously display pressure current, pressure water column or pressure kgf/cm2 current percentage.
8. The instrument has an over-range alarm function. When the applied pressure exceeds the rated full scale + 2500 words, the instrument will display OVER RANGE! P and the built-in buzzer will sound intermittently to indicate that the pressure (current) exceeds the full scale and should be stopped Pressurize and release part of the pressure to make it within the specified range to avoid damage to the pressure sensor.
9. When the current measured by the meter exceeds 22mA, the meter will display OVER RANGE!I and the built-in buzzer will sound intermittently to indicate that the measured current is out of range.
10. It can be operated directly on the panel to adjust the full scale.
11. Metal shell, strong anti-interference, firm and impact-resistant.
12 volume fine-tuning, it is easy to realize the verification point pressure.


Pressure Calibrator
Hand pump pressure calibrator
Pneumatic pressure calibrator


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A:We will contact you as soon as possible but within 12 hours
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A: Yes, Sample order is available for quality check and market test. But you have to pay the express cost.
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A: Once getting your product confirmation and receiving the prepayment, the production will be started immediately.
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A: It usually takes about 3-5 working days for small order and 10-15 days for big order.
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A: Three inspection steps(of original, production, and finished goods) + good warranty service(1 year free to change a new one without any human damage factors).
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A:ISO9000, CE, Explosion-proof certification, RoHs ready. And before the delievry of goods, quality and safety inspection certification issued by third parts also can be offered.
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A:Very welcome! Fly to Xian Yang air port. It was a big pleasure for us.
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A: We offer 12 months warranty time.
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