16 мм 1,5-3 вт DIY увлажняющий преобразователь туманообразователь распылитель пленка аксессуары ультразвуковой увлажнитель резиновая прокладка

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The piezoelectric ceramic atomized generates a high-frequency resonance oscillation of 1.7MHZ or 2.4MHZ after being activated by the electric energy signal, and throws water away from the water surface to generate a natural floating mist without heating or chemical agent. The water mist contains a lot of air anion and moisture, which can increase the humidity of the air and clean the fresh air, allowing you to breathe natural, fresh, moist and comfortable air.

Main Features:
The surface of the Piezo ceramic for atomizing is mainly made of 700-800 °C high-temperature sintering sealing glass glaze. It is bright and beautiful, has strong acid and alkali resistance, and its lifetime more than 5,000 hours. The Piezo ceramic for atomizing film produced by our factory has been certified by hundreds of test experiments, featuring stable performance, small fog particles, large atomization, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and long lifetime.

1: Application of positive and negative piezoelectric effect
2: Piezoelectric Ceramic Buzzer | Speaker
3: Piezoelectric ceramic pickup
4: Piezoelectric transformer
5: Piezoelectric ceramic igniter
6. Ultrasonic beauty equipment
7. Sonar, ultrasonic flowmeter
8. Ultrasound medical equipment

Piezoelectric vibrator, rubber ring, yellow wax tube, 1007 24AWG red and black electronic wire
Electrode: Ag
Electrode protector: glass glaze
Lifetime: ≥ 5000 hours
Piezo ceramic for atomizing thickness: 1.7M frequency 1.25mm, 2.4M frequency 0.8-0.82mm, 3M frequency 0.75mm

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