Fully-automated Waste Ev Lithium Battery Recycling Machine Production Plant

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 Lead Acid Battery  1 (6)


We can customize the completed Lead battery recycling plant


consisting of follow steps :

1. Battery breaking and separating

2. Paste desulfurization

3. Lead melting and reduction operation of paste

4. Melting of grid

5. Refining crude lead

6. Slag treatment

7. Plastic cleaning

8.Gas cleaning system

9. Acid neutralize and Effluent treatment 


 Lead Acid Battery(8)





total power


Separation efficiency

Equipment dimensions


Lead battery recycling equipment



lead(%):≥ 95%
purity of lead (%):≥ 90%
plastic(%):≥ 95%
 residual acid(%):≥ 90%


 Lead Acid Battery  1 (9)


 This process is an ECO-friendly method instead of pollution way that is based on burning and chemical processing.


 1. Use battery auto cutter cutting the battery into 2 parts, make the acid liquid flow out.


2. Use the liqid-solid separation equipment to separate the lead paste,solid from liquid after Desulphurization , acid be neutralized by adding alkaline substance or produce to be sulfate crystallization.


3. Use intelligent crusher to crush the lead plate of lead battery into 1-2cm, crushed lead plate go to granulator by conveyor.


4. Use granulator with 45kw motor to cut the battery into 1-4mm granule. Crushed batteries are mixed with water becoming slurry.


 5. Slurry goes to feeding silo via feeding slot.


6. The light material will float at the surface of water and go to deposit pool via Screw conveyor, the output from water pool is lead particular and lead power.


7. The heavy material will sink at the bottom of the feeding silo and then go to vibrating screen through Screw conveyor.


8. Gravity separator will classify the material by size and output lead granule. The water will be circulated and reused.


9. Dry the lead granules for melting


 Lead Acid Battery(7)


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Q1:What is the physical address of your factory ?

A1:Xingou Industrial Park,Gongyi City,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China.


Q2:How to get to your factory ?

A2:You can fly to Beijing,Shanghai or Guangzhou airport,then transfer to Xinzheng International Airport,we will pick you up there.


Q3:How long it takes to drive to your factory from Xinzheng airport?

A3:2 hours


Q4:What is the Packing details ?

A4:Plywood case or Wooden case

Packing method can be also changed according to the clients' special requirement


Q5:Payment terms

A5:30% deposit by T/T,70% balance by T/T before shipment

30% deposit by TT,70% balance by L/C is also accepted if customers request


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