PDLC Electrochromic Window Film / Smart Film with Self Adhesive (1600613469709)

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Product Overview


Smart Film Video Description

Smart film become more and more popular because of wide application and Muti-function, we are a professional manufacturer in self
adhensive PDLC film, Non-adhensive pdlc film and Smart glass


Product Description

Rushui smart glass film can paste on any smooth surface, it is clear when power off and opaque when power off. Smart glass film is
also called magic glass film, switchable glass film, privacy glass film, smart window, switchable window and privacy window. There
are three generations of smart glass in the market. Generations of smart glass are determined by manufacturing technologies of
liquid crystal (LC) switchable film. In the industry, independent patented technologies are usually used to classify generations
of products. For about three decades, there are only three independent patents in the field of LC switchable film. LC switchable
film is also called liquid crystal film, LC film, smart film, privacy film, intelligent film or PDLC film.

Product Function

1) Privacy Protection :
The biggest function of Our pdlc film is privacy protection,which can control the glass between transparent and opaque.It can
protect your privacy by our smart film

2) Projection Screem:
Our Pdlc film can be used as a good projection screen, in appropriate light environment, if choose high lumen projector, the
image of projection effect is very clear(suggest use rear projection mode).

3) Safety Protection

Our pdlc film thickness is about 0.36mm. When installed on your glass window,It can adhensive your window closely, When the
window are broken, The film can avoid the window glass flying around and hurt others,

4) Environmental Protection:
Our PDLC film attached on the surface of glass,Which can resist heat over 98% UV and over 95% infrared ray. In order to reduce
thermal radiation, it requires shielding partial infrared ray. While if shielding UV can protect indoor furnishings not fade,
aging and so on, and protect people against the disease by ultraviolet radiation.



1).Question: Does your company provide installation services overseas?
Answer: NO , We are a material distributor and provide complete DIY kits as well as technical support. As long as the contractor
is careful and DOES NOT KINK OR DENT THE MATERIAL OR PULL THE WIRES OUT there should be no issues. Obviously a clean work
environment is helpful.
2).Question: Does this need to be installed by an electrician?

Answer: NO, We can provide you a complete closed system that is ready to install with a plug, it can be DIY by yourself. If you
would like to hire an electrician to achieve your goal that is your own decision.

3).Question: Can you cut the film on site....or do you need an absolute measurement from me before the panels are custom made?
Answer: The material is custom manufactured with special laser equipment to ensure straight cuts however you can cut the material
if needed to add a logo, trim etc.

4).Question: Can we install this film on the top half of the glass only? We were thinking we wanted to keep the existing decals in
place and install film from the decal up to the top of the panel.
Answer:YES - You can install on top half or bottom half only, just be careful for the wiring.

5).Question: Is the PDLC film energy saving?
Answer:- Yes, It is considered a green product that consumes around 5 watts per sqm.

6).Question: Does it block the UV harmful rays?
ANSWER:YES. It blocks over 98% of the harmful UV rays in both its energized and non-energized state.

7).Question:Can we install this product ourselves?
Answer:YES, we offer complete do it your self kits with practice pieces.

8).Question:How long will it take for production and delivery..
Answer: This depends on Material size, total qty order and geographic delivery place.For expedited sample orders, we can ship as
fast as 3-7 working days from payment confirmation. If for mass production, it will only last for 7-10 working days approximately.
We are commited to producing the best quality proucts for our clients, Waiting your professional inquiry

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