250A 48V 100V Battery Power Monitor RS485 Bidirectional DC Electricity Meter for Solar Off Grid System (1600613691853)

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Product Overview


1.EM619001 DC energy meters are designed for measuring and monitoring in DC systems.
2.The din rail DC energy meters can measure of important DC parameters: Voltage, current, power and energy etc. It also support bi-directional measurement. All data in the meter are accessible via RS485 using Modbus RTU/DTL645.
3.The meter working with DC power supply. Input voltage range up to 1000VDC, and current inputs are flexible with DC shunt.
4.The multi-tariff version has a RTC equipped inside, it can provides multi-tariff information and monthly records.
5.It can also be equipped with digital inputs for switch monitoring, relay outputs for remote control, and an over-range alarming
6.EM619001 dc meter is designed for scenarios such as DC panel, solar PV system, battery storage system, EV charging pile, telecom base stations, transportation systems, power distribution systems, smart home and smart city.

Din Rail DC Measuring Device
Reference voltage
DC 5V-1000V
Shunt Connection Type, Max 2000A (Settable)
Max integration signal 75mV
Self-powered power supply
85~265V AC/ 85-265V DC
Current / Voltage accuracy
Operation temp.
Active power accuracy
Active accuracy class
RS485 Communication
Communication protocol
DLT645/Modbus RTU
Impulse constant
1000 imp/kWh
LCD display
LCD 6+2
Power consumption
AC withstand voltage

Caution of DC type Din Rail Meter :
1.About AC/DC & Application
(1) AC- Generally speaking alternating current usually means the input voltage , for example 220/230Vac for house
appliance, 380Vac. However DC for industrial field. In a word AC type energy meter is necessary when measuring in
such condition.
(2) DC- Comparing with AC type meter, or AC whole current static energy meter, DC type Din Rail Meter was mainly
used for direct current measuring. It also means not for household and it;scarce.
(3) The application of DC din rail meter mainly exist where power storage for example power storage system, power
generator, battery system etc. It was also used for recharging such as EV charging pile.

2.About Function
(1) Measuring- current measuring achieved by shunt sampling which is cost-efficient and of good accuracy.
(2) Communication- RS485 Communication or RS485 & NB-IOT communication optional, which can also serve as
DCU -sending data to the icloud.
(3) Tariff-4 tariffs with 8 slots

(1) Installation-Experienced electricians or professionals are required to install electricity meters and make sure
that you have read this user guide.In the process of installation, if the cover has obvious damage marks caused by
severe impact or fall,please do not install or power up, and contact with us immediately;Electricity meters can be
installed and used directly if they pass the inspection before leaving the factory;The electricity meter should be
installed in the indoor or outdoor electricity meter box.The mounting base shall be fixed on a solid fire-resistant
wall, and there shall be no corrosive gas in the air;Electricity meters should be wired according to the wiring
diagram on the terminal.Copper wire or copper wiring connector are the best ways to access.
(2)Sealing- Plz fasten the sealing bolts or seals after installation in case of tamper events.
(3)If you have further questions while using plz contact us any time.

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