Vinyl Sheet Pile for Seawall

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles for Water Control Solution in Civil Engineering
Vinyl sheet piles is an effective earth retention and excavation support construction material. The interlocking sheet piles also offer considerable resistance against water seepage.
Vinyl sheet piles or PVC sheet piles are effective alternative to steel sheet piling for vinyl bulkhead, vinyl seawall and cutoff walls. They are also superior to alternative materials like concrete and wood. The main advantage of vinyl sheet piles is the superior corrosion resistance when exposed to seawater, where no oxidation occurs. Vinyl sheet piles are also highly resistant to marine borers which make it superior to wooden solutions.

Advantages & Applications

Vinyl sheet piles also known as synthetic sheet piling, plastic sheet piles, PVC sheet piles are becoming increasingly popular
for the construction of bulkheads, seawalls, cut-off and containment barriers due to their:
50+ year design life - Due to its superior corrosion resistance
Cost Efficiency - both from installation and long term cost savings
Consistent Appearance - Wood fades, paint chips and steel rusts with time.Vinyl sheet piles don't have this problem
UV Resistance - The PVC material can be engineered to be resistant to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Not Affected by Marine Borers - Small mollusks or crustaceans in the ocean can cause devastating effects over a period of time to traditional timber piling. Vinyl sheet piles offers an attractive alternative that is unaffected by these organisms.
Easy Installation - Vinyl sheet piles do not swell like wood.Compared to steel sheet piles, it can be up to 40 times lighter per square meter making it much easier to handle.

Light Marine Structures
• Marine Bulkheads & Vinyl Seawall Panels
• Tide Walls & Breakwaters
• Wave Breaks & Jetty Structures
• Scour Protection and Erosion Control
• Retaining Walls
Cut-Off & Containment Systems
• Groundwater cut-off
• Chemical containment
• Fluid Seepage Barriers
• Protection of Foundation Structures

Flood Protection
• Flood Walls / Flood Levee
• Stabilization of Dams
• Protection of Piping
Water Control Solutions
• Baffle Walls for water or wastewater flow control
• River Weirs & Pond Linings
• Channel Linings for agricultural applications
• River Diversion
• Mining drainage systems

Retaining Wall
• quay walls;
• bridge abutments;
• underground storage tanks;
• basements; and
• tunnels and shafts
Erosion Control
• beachfront protection
• coastline protection
• road protection
• bulkheads construction

Revetment Works
• river bank protection
• protection of marine facilities and structures such as
jetty, dock, breakwater, and pier
• seashore protection
• bulkhead protection
Embankment Works / Road Construction
• over water or elevated roads
• over water or elevated walkways
• coastal roads
• jetties or berths
• other reclamations.

Vinyl Sheet Pile Profiles

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Z Type

U Type
Z Type
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Section Depth

Successful Project

Project in Thailand
Project in India
Project in Vietnam

Vinyl Sheet Piles VS Steel,Wood Sheet Piles

Vinyl Sheet Piles
Does not rot or rust.
Manufactured from recycled plastic.
Resistant to the majority of chemicals.
Not affected by salt water.
Light weight, easy handling.
Reduced impact on natural resources.
Steel Sheet Piles
Affected by salt water
Too heavy.
Rusts with time

Wood Sheet Piles
Marine borers latching on and drilling into it.
This degrades the integrity and stability of the seawall over time, which defeats the whole purpose of the structure.

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