Leadshine servo L7-750-DK driver 750W medium inertia ACM2 servo motor set for engraving machine cutting machine

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1.Wide speed regulation ratio, constant torque The speed regulation ratio is 1:5000, and it has stable torque characteristics from low speed to high speed.
2.High speed and high precision The maximum speed of the servo motor can reach 6500rpm, and it supports 23-bit encoder. Remarks: Different models of servo motors have different maximum speeds.
3.Simple and flexible control By modifying the parameters, the working mode and running characteristics of the servo system can be properly set to suit different requirements.

The standard ACM2 series servo motor of the L7 series can reach a maximum speed of 6500rpm (40/60/80 frame), which is 1500rpm higher than that of ordinary counterpart motors. The action time under the same path is shortened and the equipment productivity is improved.

1. Standard 23bit encoder, the encoder resolution reaches 8,388,608 pulses/rev.
2. Support 23bit serial incremental subdivision and 23bit serial multi-turn absolute encoder, power-off position memory, no need to return to zero operation
3. Low-speed processing application is more stable, which helps to improve machine efficiency

■ Method Please ensure that the installation direction is perpendicular to the wall, and install the product vertically upwards to facilitate the heat dissipation upwards. If there are multiple products in the cabinet, please install them side by side. If you need to install them up and down, please install the heat insulation baffle. Use natural convection or fans to cool the servo drives. Fix the servo drive on the mounting surface through the mounting holes on the drive. When installing, face the front of the servo drive to the operator and make the servo drive perpendicular to the wall!
■ Cooling In order to ensure cooling by fans and natural convection, it is necessary to leave enough cooling space around the servo drive, and considering the heat dissipation of other components in the cabinet, please install a cooling fan on the upper part of the servo drive. The ambient temperature of the servo drive is too high in some places, and it is necessary to keep the temperature in the electric cabinet uniform.
■ Grounding Be sure to ground the grounding terminal, otherwise there may be danger of electric shock or interference and malfunction!
■ Wiring requirements When wiring the driver, the cable connected to the servo driver should be routed downward to prevent the existing liquid from adhering to the cable and flowing into the driver along the cable, resulting in damage to the driver and accident!
■ Network port dustproof (pulse version has no network port interface) When the CN4 and CN5 communication ports on the top are not in use, corresponding dustproof measures should be taken for the network port, such as inserting a dustproof cover into the port to avoid foreign objects ( solids, liquids, etc.) fall into the interior and cause damage to the product.

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Jinan hongyang cnc machinery co., Ltd, founded in 2008 is a global famous supplier for CNC Router accessories. Selling ,spindle , inverters, stepper , hybrid servos, drives, guide rails, sliders, gear box , racks, water chillers, reducers, controller , transformers , power supply , vacuum cleaner, tool sensor, limit sensor, lubricant oil pump, linear ATC with cutters , round ATC with cutters , cylinder, cable chain towline, engraving cutters, control cabinet, vacuum suction table and so on.


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We are based in Shandong, China, start from 2014,sell to Africa(25.00%),Mid East(15.00%),Eastern Asia(10.00%),North America(5.00%),South America(5.00%),Southeast Asia(5.00%),Western Europe(5.00%),Central America(5.00%),Northern Europe(5.00%),Southern Europe(5.00%),South Asia(5.00%),Domestic Market(5.00%),Eastern Europe(4.50%),Oceania(0.20%). There are total about 101-200 people in our office.

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Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

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HYCNC is professional CNC router parts wholesaler , experience more than 12 years We not only produce CNC parts also selling other famous brand CNC parts.
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