Оптовая продажа 300 м подземных вод ADMT 300S X сенсорный экран 3D отображение изображения подземных вод

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Product Overview


Product Overview

100m 200m 300m 400m admt 300s 3d high quality automatic borehole groundwater finder underground water detector for sale
ADMT-300S-X is the world’s first Internet of Things instrument, which is developed together with Guilin Technology
Hydrogeological Investigation Institute. Based on over 40 years R&D design and exploration, the mobile phone water detector realize the technology that you can use the mobile phone or tablet PC to do complex data calculation, then the graphs will automatic form, store in the cloud, and you can communicate with experts advisors on line about your graphs.

Besides, if use our probes to measure, then you can wirelessly detect. It uses the mobile phone’s Bluetooth to connect. And in the “MN input”, you can use traditional MN cable lines or wireless sensor to measure.
If with wireless sensor, you don’t have to cabling and can just measure by walk and stop, free of USB disk, detection button.
Automatcally mapping by mobile phone, communicating with experts advisors online, uploading the data into cloud and store permanently.

1. Automatic imaging: 7-inch Android touch screen into 2D, 3D and curve images in real time.
2. Accurate and stable: iterative upgrade for more than 40 years, high measurement accuracy and stable performance.
3. Three-screen interworking: instrument screen, mobile phone screen and computer screen.
4. Intelligent and flexible: MN electrode and TT probe measurement can be switched, can be equipped with wireless probe or water finding golden hoop rod.
5. The product has obtained a number of invention patents (patent number: 201320054153.5, 201120214308.8, 201120567915.2, 201320303919.9). In particular, the field source correction function of the invention patent "Geophysical method and measuring device for Field Source Correction of Earth electromagnetic Field" 201310205318.9 solves the shortcomings of inconsistency and change of field source intensity of natural electric field.

It reflects the change of underground resistivity by measuring the strength of natural electric field, so as to analyze and judge the location, depth, trend and other relevant information of groundwater, through detailed investigation, general survey and exploration of groundwater, to solve the needs of human and animal drinking water, industrial water and agricultural irrigation, plays a great role in the success of drilling wells for water, and has been well received by the majority of customers!


Parameter Model
Adjustable depth
Connection method
Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (optional 4G communication)
Display screen
operating system
Android 6.0.1
ARM Cortex-A7(AD24 bit 1Msps)
Main functions
optional depth, real-time 2D/3D drawing, removable battery
Measurement mode
Measuring range
Frequency range(HZ)
Frequency selective filtering
Preset frequency selection and intelligent frequency selection, analog + data filtering 1-16 times superposition optional
Sampling time (seconds)
Battery power consumption
Host weight

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The company covers 35,000 m2and the fixed asset of the company is RMB 10 million Yuan. There are over 100 employees, more than 30 technicians, and over 100 sets of various manufacturing equipment. The equipment are included: large scale forcing press machine, digital lathe, digital wire-electrode cutting equipment, various kinds of processing machines and equipment, etc. The company owns national patents and proprietary technology with Have independent research and development capabilities.

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Q1:What's your company after-sales service?
A1: Our machine will be checked three times before shipment to ensure that the machine itself has no problems. If the machine has some problems under incorrect operation: 1. improper operation problem, we will solve all the usage problems by video call. 2. machine parts problem, we will send you accessories to ensure the normal use of the machine. 3.In addition, our engineers go abroad every year to help customers solve problems they cannot solve. Give customers the best quality machine, the best service, Is the standard of our company .

Q2:Any warranty ?
A2:One year warranty. Frankly speaking, The quality of our machines is very stable. The machine will be tested three times before leaving the factory to ensure that the machine is in the best condition when it arrives at your address. Some minor problems of the machine are usually caused by incorrect operation by novices, so we provide a full set of English instruction videos and common problem solving videos, To help users better understand it. On the other hand, we put a set of spare parts in the toolbox of the machine in advance. During your use, if you need any spare parts, we can send it to you via UPS, and it only takes 5-7 days to arrive at your door. During use, if you have any questions, we can make a video call at any time.

Q3: How to transport without customs clearance experience ?
A3:We have reliable forwarder agent which can ship items to you by sea/air/Express to your home. We will help you choose the most suitable shipping service.

Q4:Does your company provide training?
A4 : Yes, we provide a series of instructional videos and after-sales service videos, supporting Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Q5:Differences from other brands in China ?
A5 : We are not only selling machines, we pay more attention to after-sales service. We have always believed that the customer's reputation is the best advertisement. We hope to really help our customers use machines and bring growth to their business. You can view our customers' feedback, facts speak louder than words.

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