JP Phenyl Hexyl 3um 100A hplc columns (1600616739881)

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Product Description

Functional Group
Particle Size
Pore Size(Å)
Carbon Loading
Surface Area
PH range


Q:Price Description
A:Dollar offer.

Q:When will it be delivered?
A:The seller can deliver the goods 15 days after the buyer completes the payment. If it is customized, please negotiate with the staff to confirm the delivery time, and then take photos, so as not to delay your use.

Q:Is the product mailed?
A:Our products are small profits and quick turnover. The whole audience does not support price negotiation. The freight supports the buyer to pay on arrival, and the buyer can also pay online. We do not earn any freight profit. Please consult the online customer service personnel for details.

Q:What kind of express delivery can I send and can I issue an invoice?
A:express supports DHL, FedEx, JD express and other international express, and can also use the express designated by the buyer,and the express expenses shall be borne by the buyer.

Q:Delibery Notice
Because the goods are international express, and most of them are fragile, easy to wear and large products, when you receive the goods, please be sure to open the package at the first time to check whether the goods and accessories are complete.
If there is obvious damage such as collision and extrusion, you can refuse to sign face to face and inform our customer service personnel in time. If the appearance of the goods is intact and the accessories are complete, you can sign for it.

Q:About after sales
A:Please confirm the product model, size, specification, function and other detailed product parameters with the staff before shooting. If it is not a quality problem, we will not bear the after-sales responsibility.
If there is any quality problem, please contact our staff within 10 days after receiving the product.

Q:Return process
A:The buyer can apply for return and exchange before confirming receipt. The platform will conduct return and exchange after the buyer and the seller reach an agreement; If the negotiation fails, Alibaba customer service can apply to intervene and confirm whether the goods can be returned or replaced according to the judgment.

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