10 Year Warranty Pc Polycarbonate Corrugated Roofing Sheet For Roofing And Skylight 100% Water Proofed

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Product Overview


Products Description

Brand Name
Polycarbonate resin
Clear, Lake-blue, Green, Dark-blue, Brown, Opal etc.
UV Aging
0.8-3.0 mm
Packing Details
Both sides covered with PE protect film and kraft paper.
Delivery time
7-10 days after receive receipt.
Color: transparent, lake-blue, green, dark-blue, brown, opal etc.

Technical Data
Impact Strength
Specific Grevity
coefficient of linear expansion
Service Temperature
Heat Conductivity
Tensile Strength
850 J/m
1.2 g/cm³

1.The light transmission
It is between 60-85%. Light through FRP lighting sheet scatters and is mild. It will not form a light band so as to make the indoor brighter.

2.Weather resistance
The 23μm anti-aging film from Dupont covering on the surface of FRP sheet improves its property of weather resistance.

3.Impact resistance
The strengthening fiber-glass materials criss-cross the structure of the products,which helps to improve the impact resistance of FRP sheet. When impacted by spalls or hails, they are hardly broken.

4.Corrosion resistance
The products resist various acids, alkalis and peroxides, especially suitable for application in the coastal areas and corrosive places.

5.Service temperature
It is a kind of hot solid high polymer materials. It is designed for normal use in temperatures from - 40°C to120°C.

6.Heat stability
It is a kind strengthening plastic of hot solid fiber-glass . Its coefficient of heat expansion is 2.2 x 10-5mm/mm/°C,only 2 times of metal materials. For this reason, when it matches with a metal sheet, the displacement is relatively small, not easy to leak.

Application scenarios

Company Profile


Product packaging

Both sides with PE film,logo on the pe film.Other package are available based on
within 3-10 working days once we received the deposit.
L/C, T/T, Western Union,Paypal,Cash,Card and so on.


1.Whats the quality assurance you provided and how do you control quality ?
1)Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process;Besides, we also developed a procedure which identifies the inspection and test status of all items at all stages of the manufacturing process.
2)100% inspection in assembly lines.

2.How many different kinds of PC sheet you can product?
There are the following products: Glittering Polycarbonate Sheet,Multi-wall Structure Polycarbonate Sheet,Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet, General Polycarbonate Solid Sheet,Advertising Polycarbonate Sheet, Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet, Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet, Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet, Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheet etc.

3.We are in very high temperature country, twin wall polypropylene sheet can support?
A: Yes, Polycarbonate sheet Temperature Resistance can be:40 ~+120 degree centigrade

4.Do you take special orders ?
Yes , We accept customized products.

5. How to identify the UV side of the sheet?
A: The UV side is the side protected with the printed masking film. To avoid installing the sheet at the wrong side which will void the warranty, please ensure only to remove the masking film after the sheet has been installed.

6. How do I know that a twin wall polypropylene sheet has UV layer?
A: You can’t see the UV layer with the naked eyes. A laboratory test is required to prove this. Some international labs have this facility. Usually UV side layer will more thicker than the down side.

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