6 inch 14cm Magnetic Levitation Rotating White and RGB Colors Changing LED Illuminated World Map Floating Globe

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6 inch 14cm Magnetic Levitation  Rotating White and RGB Colors Changing  LED Illuminated World Map Floating Globe







Item codeSIM10-Book

magnetic levitatio technology

white LED lights or RGB color changing LED lights inside gobe

Wireless inductive power charger

360 degree automatic rotation


14CM diameter

Levitation gap


DC Adaptor

DC 12V 1A



Power consume


black round clock baseBook base design can be customized
Power of the lighting inside the globewireless inductive power charger



360 degree automatic rotation 

Guarantee period

12 months






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Is your company a factory?

Yes,we are the most professional manufacturer to produce magnetic levitation products for 20 years.


How about the production capacity for your factory in a month?
Monthly capacity:15000 sets/month.


How many the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) is in your factory?
Min order quantity :1pcs/item


Can I mix different designs?



Do you have other Foreign cooperation?

Yes, our main markets are USA, Europe and Japan.


Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?

Yes, cheaper prices with more bigger size orders.


When you ship my order?

Lead time of sample: 5-7 days after sample receipt

Lead time of mass order: 30-45 days after 30% deposit receipt,

but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule and arrangements.


How about the quality grantee period?

One year!


How can you guarantee the production quality?

Our production quality follow CE, FCC, ROHS, UL standard.

We have 20years experience of QC team with strict and professional quality control system. We have 4 times inspection for each finished product before package.

Third part inspection acceptable.


How to make payment ?

We accept payment by T/T or west union and PayPal


which port can be choosen for delivery ?



What kinds of international express delivery is available?

We have preferential contract rate with DHL, TNT and Fedex, and can provide good freight service to you with low freight charge.


Is it safe on the payment for me as we are the first cooperation?
We can do the trade assurance on Alibaba, which will guarantee your products receiving.


Can you do a sample for me?

Yes, we can make you a sample for your approval, but there is a sample charge, which will be returned after it reaches a certain quantity.


Will you carry my import tax?
No, we won't.


Can you print the logo on the products?
Yes, it is possible to print logo on our products. The artwork of the logo printing in AI or PDF format is necessary once the sample order is placed.


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Magnetic levitation system is widely used in the areas such as high-speed motion and precision engineering industry. In reality, a stable levitation with a 80mm air gap in maximum has been achieved, and the floating ferromagnetic object can carry a 2kgs load in maximum also has been achieved. We have already applied these in commerce, and the technology is also helpful to develop new kinds of levitation system for industries. This magnetic levitation technology is a control method using a ring magnet for the stable levitation of a cylindrical ferromagnetic object. The levitation has a strong stability with anti-disturbance abilities, and weight can be placed on the floating magnet. The magnetic field created by the ring magnet provides stabilities in 3 degrees of freedom of the floating magnet, and a feedback control in the horizontal plane is introduced to the control system. The stable magnetic levitation refers that the floating object is static or is with a controllable rotation motion along one axis. The antigravity force for the stable levitation is provided by the base under the floating object. According to analytical calculation and experiments, the magnetic fields created by axially magnetized permanent-magnet rings have special properties. Along the symmetric axis, the direction of the magnetic field varies at two particular points. This interesting property provides stabilities of the suspending magnet. 



The setup of the levitation device is shown in the drawing. An axially magnetized permanent-magnet ring whose north pole is on its upper surface is placed on the base of the setup. Three hall sensors are used for detecting the instantaneous coordinates of the floating magnet at three axes. The horizontal position of the floating magnet is controlled by two groups of coils. The north pole of the floating magnet is also on the upper surface, which is inconsistent with the common sense that unlike poles attract each other, not repelling each other to provide antigravity force for the floating magnet, which is the key point for this technology.  



The floating magnet is able to find its balance within a particular range along axis, and the height of the air gap can change during levitation (when some weight is placed on or taken away from the floating magnet). Assuming that the size of the floating magnetic pallet remains unchanged, there is a corresponding relation between the height of air gap and the value of antigravity force provided by the ring magnet, which was shown in Fig. below. When the weight of the floating object changes (e.g., when a wooden block is placed on the floating magnet), the floating object will find its balance at a new position.

Two groups of coils are used to trap the floating magnet at the center of the magnetic field created by the ring magnet. Feedback control is implemented along the two dimensions separately. Hall components which are able to detect the magnetic field created by the floating magnet and transfer it into voltage signals play the role of sensors. In order to eliminate the effect of the magnetic field created by the ring magnet and coils, the two coils are placed symmetrically along one axis and the hall component is located at the center of the ring magnet and two coils, which is shown in Fig. below.Under the circumstance of the stable levitation, a reference voltage is selected. Within a small range, a linear relationship is held between the difference from the input voltage of the hall component to the reference voltage and the deviation of the floating magnet from the balance point, where the difference value is zero. Thus, simple negative feedback can achieve the stable control. Besides, because of errors and interference. Some special mechanisms are introduced such as floating reference voltage. It is shown that the levitation of the cylindrical ferromagnetic object is stable. It has an anti-overturn ability and an anti-disturbance ability. The requirements needed for the levitation is not harsh at all, and the device can be even put on a leaning platform.
















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