Factory customized pass 930nm size 100x100x1mm PMMA IR pass filter plastic material

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Smart home, smart hand sanitizer, infrared camera, etc.
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Factory customized pass 930nm size 100x100x1mm PMMA IR pass filter plastic material
Optical infrared acrylic
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710 780nm

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carton box

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Jinan Youjia Machinery Co., Ltd. implements large-scale production with complete product varieties and specifications. Main products: colored optical glass filters, color filters, optical lenses, dust-proof lenses and other optical glass parts, ultraviolet transmission visible absorption, ultraviolet transmission black glass, near-infrared glass, infrared transmission glass, infrared transmission visible absorption glass, purple glass, cyan glass, green glass, golden glass, orange glass, red glass, protective glass, insulation glass, sky glass, rising color temperature glass , falling color temperature glass, wavelength calibration glass, yellow glass, ultraviolet glass, neutral dark glass, colorless optical glass, K9 glass, quartz glass, opal glass, ultraviolet glass, infrared glass lens, quartz glass heat-insulating glass lens, band- pass glass neutral gray glass sheet, sky glass sheet, opal white glass sheet, polarizer vacuum mirror Membrane glass, anti-radiation wavelength calibratio n lens, B270 glass lens, protective glass lens, etc. Youjia Optics can also process and customize various optical component products of different specifications in batches according to the needs of each customer.

Jinan Youjia Optical Glass Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new products based on customer needs. Products are mainly used in microscopes, stage lights, optoelectronics, optical fibers, lighting, photographic equipment, UV mirrors, sky mirrors, infrared filters, instrumentation, and optics. Instruments, medical instruments, teaching instruments, slide projectors, projectors, ultraviolet analyzers, microscopes, optical instruments, infrared emitting diodes, infrared photosensitive transistors, special violet diodes for money counters, silicon photocells, math instruments, lenses, equipment , semiconductor materials, lasers, Ultraviolet lamps, heat transfer equipment, optical processing machinery, financial machinery, aircraft road dance and colored glass, medical internal frequency mirror glass, military industry, scientific research units, public security, etc. At the same time, we warmly welcome new and old customers to come to our factory for guidance, strengthen cooperation, and c reate great achievements together.

Customer Review


Q1.What optical products can we buy from your company?
A:Colored optical glass filters, color filters, optical lenses, coating filters and other optical accessories etc.

Q2. Are you a trading company or factory?
A:We are sales office for our Optical Component Factory(before we only supplied our optical products to domestic market, we want to supply our products directly to worldwide now)

Q3. Do you have min quantity of each product?
A: Usually there has no MOQ, we will recommend the most suitablequantity for customers according to their needs, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs for customers.

Q4. How about the delivery time of each order?
A: Dear, the delivery time usually depends on the quantity of each order, usually about 7-13days, if bulk order, If it is a large
number of orders, we need to negotiate the specific delivery date together, and also if the order is very urgent, we can provide customers with delivery services in batches.

Q5. Which kind of shipping methods do you supply?
FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT Express shipping methods, and if you have your own Express account, you can also use your Express payment account for shipping.

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