wholesale CAS 16853 85 3 LiAlH4 Lithium Aluminium Hydride

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Factory Wholesaler lialh4 lithium aluminium hydride Lah
Cas 16853-85-3

Lithium aluminum hydride is a commonly used reducing reagent in organic chemistry, which can reduce a variety of functional group compounds; it can also act on double bond and triple bond compounds to achieve hydride aluminum reaction; lithium aluminum hydride can also be used as a base to participate in the reaction. Lithium aluminum hydride has a strong hydrogen transfer ability, which can reduce aldehydes, esters, lactones, carboxylic acids, and epoxides to alcohols, or convert amides, imine ions, nitriles and aliphatic nitro compounds into corresponding amines . In addition, the super reduction ability of lithium aluminum hydride makes it possible to act on other functional groups, such as reducing halogenated alkanes to alkanes. In this type of reaction, the activity of halogenated compounds is iodine, bromine and chlorinated in descending order.

Product Description


White Powder
Storage Tem
Colorless or light grey liquid
1±0.02mol/L;2.5±0.02mol/L in THF
An important reducing agent in organic synthesis, especially for the reduction of esters, carboxylic acids, and amides.
Melting point
125 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Boiling point
0.97 g/mL at 20 °C
99 °F
Water Solubility
Stable. Reacts violently with water, liberating hydrogen. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, alcohols, acids.
NIST Chemistry Reference
Li-thium tetrahydroaluminate(16853 85/3)

Density: Relative density (water = 1) 0.92 stability is stable in dry air, hydrolysis and combustion in moist air
Solubility: insoluble in hydrocarbons, insoluble or extremely slightly soluble in hydrocarbons and dioxane, soluble in ether, tetrahydrofuran, dimethyl fibrinolytic agent, slightly soluble in n-butyl ether. Melting point: 140 C
It is used as reducing agent battery materials, catalyst for polymerization, deoxy chemicals for making steel and cooper alloys and fuel for jet engine. It is also used in war industry and artificially drugs.
100g/TIN;500g/TIN ;1kg/TIN;20kg/BARREL
100ml/glass bottle;500ml/glass bottle;1L/glass bottle;20:L/stainless steel barrel;60L/stainless steel barrel

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Gansu Junmao New Materials Science and Technology Co.Ltd., founded on January 4th 2019, is located in the fine chemical park of Lanzhou New District. It is the only company that cooperates with Nankai University to research and develop hydride and deuteride series products in China. The registered capital of the company is 20 million Renminbi RMB.The main business of company are research, development and production of hydride and deuteride materials. The company not only encourages and supports innovation, keeping a low profile, preciseness and realistic attitude, but also researches, develops and produces high-quality products for the society.
The vision of company is to show new technologies, develop new energy and lead new industries.At present ,the products produced and developed by the company include lithium aluminum hydride , tetrahydrofuran solution of lithium aluminum hydride, lithium borohydride, tetrahydrofuran solution of lithium borohydride, lithium tri-t-butoxyaluminium hydride, tetrahydrofuran solution of lithium tri-t-butoxyaluminium hydride, lithium tri-sec-butylborohydride, lithium deuteride, lithium aluminum deuteride, methanol-D4, deuterated chloroform, calcium hydride low nitrogen, sodium aluminum hydride, red aluminum solution and others .The products are mainly used in the fields of medicine, energy, military industry, electronics, agriculture, building materials, and chemical industry. Products are sold well in the domestic and foreign markets as their high quality.

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