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Product features
1, high quality stainless steel mirror studio, easy to clean, anti-corrosion. Electrostatic sprayed shell, durable.
2, hollow toughened glass door, convenient to observe the internal situation. Spring air vent design, to meet the demand of oxygen samples.
3, the use of imported fluorine free refrigeration compressor, unique refrigeration working mode design.
4, refrigeration system dust filter design, easy to clean dust.
5, high quality servo motor, accurate control speed, high speed performance, strong stability.
6, adopt high precision 16-bit true color touch screen computer control system. All functions are displayed and set values are in The same interface display, more intuitive observation.
7, the control system has fixed value running mode and program running mode, one machine multi-purpose.
8, can draw real-time curve and history curve, and can print screenshots; Save up to one year of historical data.
9, U disk export backup or print output; You can choose to print measurement data in real time as data or curves.
10, operation interface encryption lock function, ensure operation safety, timing lock all control functions.
11, specially equipped with external ambient temperature probe, the ambient temperature is displayed on the panel in real time,easy to accurately control the temperature inside the box.
12, with timing function, time setting range of 0~999 hours 59 minutes.
13, with power off memory function, to avoid data loss due to power off, crash.
14, control system integrated lighting and ultraviolet sterilization function, easy to observe and sterilization.
15, with over-temperature sound and light alarm, automatic power off function. With fault self-diagnosis function.
16, with the door control function, open the door automatically stop rotation.
Product upgrade plan:
can be upgraded to lighting shaking incubator (optional).

3 years
Laboratory Thermostatic Devices
Customized support
Brand Name
Model Number
Place of Origin
Temperature Range
Touch Screen
Platform Size (mm)
Max Capacity
100ml*42 or 250ml*30 or 500ml*20 or 1000ml*9 or 2000ml*6
Light intensity:
0-30000LX adjustable
Timing range
0~9999 hour.59min
External dimension
Net weight (kg)

Company Profile

Cangzhou Labotery Instruments Co., Ltd. is engaged in laboratory equipment manufacturing, sales, technology research and development, after-sales service and other related business. The main products are: mold incubator, shaking incubator, biochemical incubator, thermostatic incubator, thermostatic electronic hot plate, laboratory electric hot plate, stainless steel electronic hot plate, blast drying oven, thermostatic drying oven, portable drying box, intelligent digestion, water bath thermostatic oscillator, circulating water cooler, water cooling cycle machine and other products.
The company follows the principle of "technological innovation, quality-oriented; unlimited service, customer first ", with excellent technical strength, high-quality product quality, perfect after-sales service system as the backing of the enterprise, under the modern management, all the staff are making unremitting efforts to Create "Labotery" as a famous brand in the field of laboratory equipment
Cangzhou Labotery Instruments Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of high-tech experimental instruments and equipment. Is a high-tech enterprises group of research and development, design, production and sales .
The company brings together a group of high-quality, high-harmony, both moral and talented experimental instrument research and development and sales of technology and management experts. All the sheet metal is produced by advanced laser equipment, CNC punching machine and CNC bending machine. At the same time, the internal quality of the product is guaranteed by mould and assembly line mode.


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