Special taste 100 % Premium quality 0.7 L 47% ABV herbal ingredients strong alcohol drink 'Gintl' gin for drinking

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"Gintl" gin, 0.7 L

GINTL – received the MASTER medal.
This is the highest reward. 114 flavors of gins from 65 companies participated in the competition.

"Our judges were amazed by Gintl, which was praised as "a great modern example." Moscow gin contains 47% ABV and herbal ingredients like coriander, angelica, lemon peel, raspberries, cranberries, and cardamom, as well as sagaan dali, an evergreen shrub that is said to have medicinal properties. "It was expressive and voluminous, but still with some elegance," said one of our experts, praising its "smooth and gentle consonance" and "grand finale."

Gintl as a drink is a distinctive Gin with a mild taste and a dry berry-herbal finish. Vacuum distillation, rare Russian botanists and a little bit of magic endow Gintl a special character that many will like. But these are just words on paper... Therefore, our advice to you: open Gintl – it will say everything for itself.

   Gintl is   
High quality alcohol
We produce alcohol from the highest quality raw materials.

Unique ingredients
A large number of plants, berries, spices and other ingredients grow on the territory of Russia to create a unique taste and aroma of our product.

Pure artesian water
Colorless super-transparent glass.

Exclusive cork
It is made of non-joined beech wood. It has a transverse direction of wood fibers, which create a pattern with a light shine. The design on the top surface of the top is made by the method of relief printing – debossing.

Modern technological equipment
Vacuum Distillation Equipment.

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Company Profile

Welcome to our shop!
The long history of Yaroslavl Distillery starts back in 1901 in Yaroslavl, in the very heart of the Russian Empire. With new technologies and increased

capacity, the Distillery steadily grew to become one of the largest vodka producers in the Soviet Russia and became a symbol of prosperity of the Yaroslavl Region.

The legendary recipes of Russian spirits, signature tinctures and liqueurs, created at the Distillery spread far beyond the Soviet Union. By 1970 Yaroslavl Distillery was exporting its products to over 40 countries all over the world. In 2006 Yaroslavl Distillery received the Quality Award of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Today Yaroslavl Distillery is an ultra modern enterprise representing the excellence of the Russian vodka industry. Constant innovation, strict quality standards, superior ingredients, and dedication to tradition remain the primary sources of growth for Yaroslavl Distillery for over a century.


Packing & Delivery

Bottles are packed in cardboard boxes.


1. Can I get samples?
Yes, prepaid possible

2. Can I have my own customized product?

3. Do you offer a discount depending on the quantity of the order?

4. Do you offer after sales service?
Yes, of course


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