Fully automatic high speed disposable paper plate press machine paper plates plate making machine

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Free Sample High Efficiency Full Auto Paper Plate Machine Manual Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine
Full Auto disposable paper plates manufacturing machine paper tray forming machine hydraulic paper plate making machine
Free Sample High Efficiency Full Auto Paper Plate Machine Manual Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine

Product Name
Free Sample High Efficiency Full Auto Paper Plate Machine Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine
Disc size
4-13 inches
Paper weight
100-800 g/㎡
Production speed
Double stations 50-120 pcs / min
Power requirements
380v 50Hz
Total power
Machine weight
Overall dimension
Working pressure
Working gas volume
0.3 m³/min
Other remarks
Cylinder stroke

Free Sample High Efficiency Full Auto Paper Plate Machine Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine
1. ORML600Y high-speed intelligent paper tray machine adopts linear forming, that is, feeding - forming - closing in a straight line. Compared with the traditional paper tray machine, it is stable, efficient and labor-saving.
2. ORML600Y is a hydraulic two position paper tray machine. Each position is controlled by an independent motor, which operates independently and does not interfere with each other. It realizes that one machine can produce plates of different sizes and styles at the same time.
3. The main principle of the machine is the hydraulic system. The main motor on the oil tank drives the machine mold to run up and down. The hydraulic system is stable and easy to operate.
4. The electric appliance adopts PLC control, whole process photoelectric tracking and monitoring, full-automatic safe and intelligent production, and can be directly matched with assembly line production.
5. Whole process photoelectric tracking, automatic counting, automatic alarm and shutdown for paperless jam, so as to realize safe and intelligent production.
6. The main machine and conveyor belt can be separated, which is convenient for placement and saves space.

Product Advantages

1. The machine adopts hydraulic system, which is more stable, efficient and energy-saving than traditional machines.

2. Two stations operate independently without mutual interference, and different types of paper trays can be produced by one machine.The color of the machine panel and shell can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

3. Horizontal molding, feeding molding receiving are on the same horizontal line, and the operation is more stable and efficient.The machine is equipped with a paper suction switch to save energy and reduce consumption.

4.The slide structure adopts aluminum profile, which is easy to adjust the size after replacing the mold, and is simple and easy to operate. The mold is made of carbon steel, which is not easy to deform compared with aluminum alloy, and the mold surface is treated with rust prevention.

5. The conveyor belt is equipped with an air tank, which makes the machine run more stable. The foot universal wheel is easy to move, and the height can be adjusted, which is convenient for the supporting assembly line.

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