Virgin Plastic Chips TPU Price Raw Material

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Virgin Plastic Chips TPU Price Raw Material

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) name is thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. Mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type, it has a wide range of hardness (60HA-85HD), Wear-resistant, oil-resistant, transparent and elastic, it is widely used in daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields. Halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet more and more demands with environmental protection requirements in many fields. The so-called elastomer refers to a polymer material with a glass transition temperature lower than room temperature, elongation at break > 50%, and good recovery after external force is removed.Polyurethane elastomer has a wide range of hardness and performance, so polyurethane elastomer is a kind of polymer material between rubber and plastic. It can be heated and plasticized, and there is no or little cross-linking in the chemical structure. The molecule is basically linear, but there is a certain physical cross-linking. This type of polyurethane is called TPU.

TPU resin Application

Transmission belting: conveyor belt, round belt, V-belt…etc.

Tubing: air hose, conveyor hose, high pressure hose…etc.

Films and sheets: waterproofing film, sheet for conveyor belt…etc.

1. Are you trading company or Manufacturer ?
Our Factory is in Xiamen China.

2. About Sample
5KG Free sample with freight collect.

3. About QC
Our engineer will do Lab Test during production and our QC team do test before delivery.

4. About Color
We can match
color according to Color Card - Pantone or RAL .

5. About Lead Time
Generally 3 days for sample and 7 days lead time for 1 FCL.

6.About Payment term
We can accept Paypal, bank transfer, LC etc.

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