Mindray M5 medical ultrasound machine scanner/portable ultrasound scanner price

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Mindray M5 medical ultrasound machine scanner/portable ultrasound scanner price


Product Description



Rely on the high performance

Mobility and reliability, that's the M5 from Mindray. Weighing approximately 6 Kg, M5 delivers a full range of functionality and solid diagnostic confidence. Mindray is committed to providing best-in-class Image quality and easy optimization tools.Thanks to Mindray's own revolutionary technologies, the M5 adopts brilliant color imaging capability and excellent 2D performance.


The lClear' function Is a new breakthrough in speckle reduction, which helps to visualize more tissue subtleties, reduce operator dependence and increase patient throughput. The iBeam' function which is a spatial compounding imaging technology, increases spatial resolution without any compromise in frame rate, thus collecting more useful information to generate higher quality images.

.Complete imaging modes: 2D withTHI, M, PW (with HPRF), Color, Power and DirPower.

.iScape' View (panoramic imaging) and trapezoidal imaging allow a wider field of view;  meanwhile,W Doppler is capable of capturing low and high velocity jets to support a  comprehensive cardiac study.

.With the mobile trolley, you can increase the system's flexibility even more with access to multi-transducer connectors as well as an DVD recorder and printer.



The implementation  of iClearTM  realizes aggressive suppression of speckle patterns, bringing you a clear vision of ultrasound images with benefits in the following aspects:

.Noise: significantly reduced speckle noise for better tissue differentiation

.Edge: enhanced margin definition for increased diagnostic accuracy

.Contrast: improved contrast resolution without compromising spatial resolution


The M5 Is ergonomically designed as an easy-to-use machine with speed and accuracy for operators of different experience levels. The M5 features a high-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor of wide view of angle and magnesium alloy shell for better anti-shock capability. With a home-based panel and operator's navigation, the MS Is always ready to perform efficient and reliable examinations.



Bring you an easy scanning

Attributed to the powerful user-defined presets, you can customize your system for any type of exam and adopt your own preference for specific exam  packages.  User-defined  scanning programs  include  Image parameters, exam modes, measurement items, calculation formulae, and etc. The fast information management platform saves every second on archive storage in critical-care situations and allows after-scanning analysis as well.


Fast optimization of the image quality with one button (Touch-(intelligent Image optimization) for better contrast and homogeneity, IP (image processing) for efficient use of balanced parameter groups, and soft keys for direct on-screen parameter adjustment.



Take M5 with you anytime and anywhere


Uniquely, with Its small size, M5 Is easy to transport, boosting its application to more occasions such as emergency medicine, gymnasiums operation rooms as well as in the field. Benefiting from a fast 42-second boot up time, rechargeable batteries and light-weight multl-frequency transducers,the M5 is ready for scanning wherever and whenever necessary. 


Easy storage, fast review and efficient management of patient data can be realized by the intelligent Information management platform iStation0 with storage capacity of 160G HDD, the shortcuts and the user-defined keys. Patient archive  Including  both  data and  Images can  be post-processed for future analysis. Moreover, the M5 system integrates seamless network and plug-and-play connectivity such as DICOM, USB ports, DVD-R/W, DVD recorder and so on.





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