20tph fully automatic palm oil mill machinery palm oil press machine production line

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Loading ramp:As palm fruit unloading, cleaning, storage platforms, all hydraulic segmented unloading.


Sterilization:Cook the fruit bunches with high temperature and sterilization (145 ℃, 90-120minutes), easy to separate fruit from bunches, fruit becoming soft, increasing the humidity of the fruit, it is easy to extract the oil and also make the separation of the core-shell easier, preventing enzymatic decomposition to avoid free fatty acids content rising.


Threshing: Through strong vibrations, the fruit will be separated from fruit bunches.


Digesting :Stir the fruit while cooking again

Pressing : Separate the pulp and nut, get CPO and nut, press machine adopts the double screw hydraulic continuous discharging, greatly improving production efficiency.



Clarification: Separate the oil and the sludge (get 90% pure oil),  the oil contains 45% -55% water, sludge and other things.

Purification: oil purification process - improving pure

Drying: Extract the water from the oil with continuous vacuum drier, the water can be reduced to 0.1%.


Depericarper (splitter): Separate the fruit core and fiber. Blow fiber and other lighter things outside.

Crushing (Crusher): Crack the nut to get kernel and shell. In hydrocyclone, separate the kernel and core-shell according to their different proportion.


Power house : Use diesel powered generator and turbine generator. Environmental protection and energy saving. Supply power for production and life.


Steam Boilers: has a strong output, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation, strong overload capacity, wide fuel applicability, environmental protection and many other advantages.


Source water piping (RAW WATER SUPPLY): the use of remote substation technology, more energy, improve production efficiency.


Water Treatment: After settling, filtration, dosing and other processes to ensure that the water quality, and ensure oil quality.


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Our Services

 1. According to the ISO9001-2000 quality system requirements, establish a perfect quality assurance organization, headed by the chief quality assurance division, with professional quality assurance engineers and quality inspectors to control the product quality and be responsible for implementing quality management requirements.
2. Standardization of quality assurance work: The company has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, pressure vessel design, manufacturing qualification, pressure pipeline design, installation qualification, electromechanical installation qualification, safety production license and other qualifications. The quality assurance system is perfect, the quality assurance work is standardized, the quality assurance is programmatic, and the quality records are documented.
3. Clarify the responsibilities of the quality assurance system: The quality records clearly record the implementers and inspectors of the product manufacturing process, and no matter what link occurs, the responsibility of the responsible person can be traced back.
4. Organize excellent manufacturing personnel to participate in manufacturing: select workers with good technical quality and rich production experience to participate in manufacturing.
5. Strictly control the quality of materials: materials purchased by oneself must have a bill of materials, a certificate of conformity, and a warranty certificate to ensure that all materials and finished products of well-known domestic companies are used. Before entering the warehouse, they must pass the joint inspection of the technical department and the quality inspection department. , Sampling and testing of raw materials, unqualified finished products are strictly prohibited to be used in the warehouse. In short, no unqualified materials and products with potential safety hazards may be used in manufacturing engineering.
6. The use of intact manufacturing machinery: the machinery and tools on site must have inspection certificates and be within the effective use period.
7. Accept customer's quality supervision, unqualified rework if the product quality does not meet the requirements, and listen carefully to customers' opinions.
8. Project service: technical communication, process design, equipment layout design, civil engineering condition design in the early stage of the project, mid-term equipment hoisting in place, installation and commissioning, technical training, and after-sales service in the later period, a matching engineer and electrical automation engineer One is responsible for the whole process of communication, coordination and service.
9. Three guarantees for finished products (including repair, return and replacement), one year warranty and long-term service.

Company Information


Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Huaxian Grain Machinery Factory in Henan Province. It is a key manufacturer of complete sets of equipment for oil and grease machinery in China. It is an excellent member of the Oil Branch of China Grain and Oil Society. It has "D1, D2 pressure vessel design license", "D1, D2 pressure vessel manufacturing license", "pressure pipeline design license", "pressure pipeline installation license". "Organic Heat Carrier Boiler Manufacturing License" and "Installation License" specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of various grease machinery and equipment. With the goal of developing modernization and internationalization of oil machinery, our company devotes itself to research and development of high and new technology of oil machinery, and rapidly transforms the latest scientific research achievements into productive forces, which has achieved good social and economic benefits and contributed to the revitalization of China's oil industry.

The company has a complete and reliable quality assurance system in product quality management, and has been awarded "Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises", "Henan Famous Trademarks", "Henan Excellent Products" and "China's Top Ten Brands of Grain Machinery" for many times. Through many years of production practice, our company has rich production and practical experience in vegetable oil pretreatment, pre-pressing, leaching, refining process and equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and other aspects, and is well received by the majority of users

huatai company




30T/D Peanut Oil Pressing and 15T/D Peanut Oil Refinery Project in Sudan


Ethiopia 30T Sesame Oil Mill Machine


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 100TPD Soybean Pretreatment and Soybean Oil Extraction Equipment With Egypt Customer


2015 Henan Huatai 30T Soybean Oil Refining Equipment Sent to Swaziland


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 50TPD Peanut pretreatment and 15TPD Peanut Oil Refining Equipment With Nigeria Customer


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 50TPD Soybean Oil Production Line With Russia Customer


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 50TPD Fully Continuous Sunflower Oil Refining Equipment With Ethiopia Customers


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 50T oilseeds pretreatment and oil extraction and oil refining with Uzbekistan Customer


2015 Henan Huatai Singed 20T Semi-continuous Palm Oil Physical Refining Equipment With Nigeria Customer


2015 Henan Huatai Palm Oil Physical Deacidification and Deodorization Equipment Sent to Peru





Q1: What is the Warranty for the machines?

A1: 12months for free.

Q2: What is the Material?

A2: Stainless steel and carbon steel.

Q3: When can I get the price?

A3: Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly call us.

Q4: Whether the machine price can be more discount?

A4: In general, our MOQ is 1set with very reasonable price, but if large order, we also can apply to our Manager to appropriately give you a little discount.

Q5: How to ask quotation?

A5: Please note us what tpye of raw seeds , and how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day, requirement of end oil.then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.

Q6: Can we ask the oil plant for different types of oil?

A6: Yes, but we recommend no more than 3 different types.

Q7: Why need extraction?

A7: If only pressed, oil residue inside cake is very high at lease 7%. But after extraction, the oil residue will be less than 1%, which greatly increases the oil yield.

Q8: Vegetable oil plants require how large of a workspace?

A8: The land area typically depends on the capacity of the plant. We can suggest an appropriate space to prepare after given specifications or we can design the oil plant in-house specifically to the amount of workspace available.

Q9: How long will it take to receive my products?

A9: As a general rule, it will take 1-2 Month for us to produce.

Q10: Do you offer oversea installation?

A10: We'll send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.

Q11: Can I visit your factory to check the machines and talk with your engineer?

A11: Yes,of course,welcome for coming!!

why choose us

Why Choose Us


1.Our factory is located in Huaxian County, the birth place of oil machinery in China, our factory covers an area of 100000m2, with 8 standard processing workshops, 202 sets of machining equipment, 580 staff, 12 intallation teams.


2.Our trademark "Hangpeng" win TOP 10 oil machine brand, because of excellent product quality and perfect after-sale service.


3.We have successfully obtained 27 national patents (including 8 invention patents), 6 international awards, 4 national awards and 2 provincial awards.


4.We have the most complete production certificates of oil machines, such as "Design license of pressure vessel","Manufacture license of pressure vessel","Design license of pressure pipeline","Installation,reconstruction and maintenance license of pressure pipeline", "Manufacture license of organic heat carrier furnace" and installation certification of mechanical and electrical equipment".


4. We are outstanding member enterprise of CCOA (Chinese Cereals and Oils Association), so we produce machines according to standard, and refined oil reaches the best edible oil standard.


5.We have strong R & D team, production team and installation team, offer perfect after-sale service, after delivering goods, we will dispatch technicians to instruct installation, commissioning and train your workers to operate machines by  yourselves.


6.We are provincial enterprise abiding by contracts and keeping promises, we have produced oil machines for 65 years, with rich experience and own brand, so we are responsible for all of our projects, especially for oversea projects.


7.Overseas projects: we are establishing every perfect overseas sample project all over the world, such as Russia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, etc.




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