SiO2 silicon dioxide fumed silica 99%

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Product Overview




Hydrophilic silica

 SiO2 silicon dioxide fumed silica  99%

Product namesilicon dioxide
ApplicationFluidizing agent, thixotropic agent and anti settling agent
Packing material Bagged


Moisture (drying reduction method, %) *1 < 1.5 % 325 mesh coarse particles < 0.01 % Cl < 50 ppm

SiO2 purity (dry quality) > 99.9 % *1 Factory data

Bulk density 40 g/L (approximate)

Fe < 20 ppm

Al < 20 ppm

pH (4% suspension) 4.2 200­240 m 2 specific surface area (BET) /g

General physical property

REOLOSIL QS­20LS is a very fine particle size obtained by burning high purity silicon tetrachloride in an oxyhydrogen flame.

Silica. Its unique properties give more advantages to products in many fields; such as UPR, adhesives, paints, inks and fluid powders.


It is used as a thickener, anti-settling agent, thixotropic agent and fluidizer.

Special physical property

Large specific surface area and small particle size

Original particle size: about 12 nm

General packaging form

10 kg paper bag

0.1044 s.