aluminium polycloride reactor glass tubular plug flow reactor 1l 50l single layer glass reactor laboratory (1600623828071)

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Product Overview


aluminium polycloride reactor glass tubular plug flow reactor 1l 50l single-layer glass reactor laboratory

Product Description

High borosilicate GG 17 Single layer glass reactor is a glass reaction vessel which is heated by computer  controled water (oil) bath. At the same time, the solvent or reaction materials in the vessel flask can be stirred or mixed at a certain constant temperature and  constant pressure condition. Besides, as this reactor also be equipment with condenser ,it also can realize both distillation and reflux etc functions.Because of reasonable design and small size, it is widle be used in modern synthesis chemical,biological pharmaceuticals or new material research.

Single Layer Glass Reactor with Vacuum Pump

Single Glass Reactor 1L 5L

3L Single Wall Glass Reactor Image, 1L 2L and 5L have same structure.

The glassware parts can be customized according to buyer needing.



Single layer glass reactor with heating bath (quick opening type)

Glass Synthesis Reactor Advantages:

1.High quality GG-17 high borosilicate glass with good corrosion resistance;
2.Can realize both distillation and reflux;
3.PTFE wrapped agitator with stable mixing speed;
4.Quick open flange type vessel lid easy to operation;
5.Temperature and mixing speed both digital display.

Technical Data

The following is 5L capacity single layer glass reactor main technical data:


Product name

Single layer glass reactor

Product model

F-1L /2L /3L /5L


Glass material

GG17 high borosilicate glass

Reaction Flask Capacity

1L /2L/3L/5L

Cover necks number


Heating method

Oil or water heating by electric system

Heating bath power


Heating bath temperature

Room temperature -299 °C

Stirring Power


Stirring Speed

0-600 rpm

Stirring Shaft Diameter



Temperature and mixing speed digital display

Vacuum pressure


Power Supply

220V/50Hz or customized

 Except above volume glass reactor,we also can provide 10L to 100L big scale single layer glass reactor.

Product Details

  Single glass reactor manufacturerSingle layer chemical glass reactor details show:

High accuracy temperature control


Stepless speed regulation convertor which can realize adjustable speed and real time speed display.

Both reaction temperature and the mixing speed all can be shown from above control box. 



Quick opening cover,easy to clean


The flask cover is fixed by flange,which can be quick opened and convenient to clean the vessel.02.jpg


High quality glass ware parts


03.jpgUse high quality GG17 borosilicate glassware parts with good corrosion resistance performance. 

Corrosion resistant PTFE agitator


GG17 High borosilicate glass flask and  PTFE agitator with long service time.


Quick-opening type flange which is convenient to open and clean the reaction flask.


Single layer glass reactor



Large temperature control range electric heating bath


05The Electric heating bath have  0 to 299 celsius degree large temperature control range. 


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Big scale single layer glass reactor 10L to 100L is available.


Product 1: Big scale single layer glass reactor( Sphere shaped flask);

Product 2: Big scale single layer glass reactor(Bucket shaped flask);

Product 3: Double layer glass reactor;Glass Synthesis Reactor


Product 1:SHZ-95B model Vertical type vacuum pump for big  glass reactor;;

Product 2:Cooling chiller for single layer glass reactor;

Product 3:SHZ-DIII model desktop type vacuum pump for small glass reactor. 

Packaging & Shipping

Single layer chemical mxing glass reactors package and delivery details as below:

Glass reactor will be packaged with wooden box designed for chemial lab instrument.


We have professional shipping forwarder can provide multiple delivery solution:

Delivery door to door by International express such as FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS etc;

Delivery to sea port or air port by sea or airplane. 

Land transportation to train station or to door.

We will not only delivery the products safety ,but also help you save shipping cost. 

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Shanghai Kesheng Instrument Co., Ltd. is a  manufacturer and supplier for Glass reactor, Single layer glass reactor,Double layer glass reactor,Stainless steel high pressure reactor,Hydrothermal synthesis reactor,Cooling chiller, Heating and cooling circulator device,Rotary evaporators,Vacuum bump,Heating mantle, Magnetic stirring heating plate (pot)  etc.  

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