Portable Hand Pneumatic pressure pump Pressure calibrator pump

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Product Overview


Description:Portable Hand Pneumatic pump Calibration Pressure calibrator pump

XY-2006A portable gas pressure source is used in a desktop or a piston gauge pressure source, pressure calibration sets and other electric products, these products are generally bulky and not bring parity to the scene, and foreign products using hand-portable clamp . Pressurized strenuous, complex operation, combined with the above reasons, the company recently developed an easy to carry, simple and effortless operation of the XY-2006A portable gas pressure source.

Specification of Portable Hand Pneumatic pump Calibration Pressure calibrator pump


Pneumatic calibration device hand pump

Pressure type


Pressrue range






Fine adjustment







pressure source

Product Keywords

manual air source,manual pneumatic pressure calibrator, low cost pressure calibrator


  pressure range (0.1 ~ 0 ~ 6) MPa

 Size: 270 mm * 150 mm * 150 mm
Adjust the fineness of: 0.1 kPa
Weight:less than 2kg.


Detailed Images of Portable Hand Pneumatic pump Calibration Pressure calibrator pump





                                                    1-2 Outlet port      Pressure maintaining valve

4 Preload handle     Pressurize handwheel

6 Switch valve        Exhaust valve

Parameter:high pressure hydraulic hand pump,hand hydraulic pump

1. Range:-95KPa~6MPa 2.Medium:gas

3.Fine Adjust:10KPa

4.Connector:M20×1.5(2 port) 


Features of Portable Hand Pneumatic pump Calibration Pressure calibrator pump

Simple structure, effortless operation

Easy to carry, easy to leak, easy maintenance Moistureproof

Can produce negative (-0.1 ~ 6MPA)

Can be connected to multiple ranges using intelligent digital pressure calibrator


1. Connect the measured instrument and standard instruments to the outlet (1-2) of the calibrator and tighten it without any wrench or tools.

2. Positive pressure step-up process verification:

Turn off the exhaust valve counterclockwise(7)Turn on the Pressure maintaining valve clockwise (3) Confirm the switch valve.(6)At the positive position,rotate Pressurize handwheel counter-clockwise to the outermost end. Press the preload handle gently (4)pressurized to 1MPa and turn off the Pressure maintaining valve (3)rotate clockwise Pressurize handwheel (5), according to the 

normal verification procedures for step-up process verification.

1. step-down process verification:

Counterclockwise rotate Pressurize handwheel(5) or counterclockwise gently open the exhaust valve (7), according to the normal verification procedures, the process of testing until the 0 step down test;

Rotate the output nut (1-2) counter-clockwise gently and remove the pressure gauge.

2. Negative pressure meter test:

Turn off the exhaust valve clockwise (7), open the Pressure maintaining valve counterclockwise (3) to confirm the switch valve (6) in the negative pressure position, rotate Pressurize handwheel clockwise to the innermost. Tighten the Preload handle (4) according to the verification procedures to verify the point to the negative pressure can not rise, close tPressure maintaining valve (3)counterclockwise rotation the Pressurize handwhee.(5)the negative pressure will rise.


Return calibration, counterclockwise gently open the exhaust valve, the backhaul test.

3. After finish test, clean the output dirt, with a random plug with a good plug to block the output port to prevent dirt into.




1. Before test pressure, vacuum gauge, you must determine the location of the switch valve to prevent damage instrument.

2. It is strictly forbidden to change the position of the switch valve under the pressure condition of the system to prevent damage inner part of valve.

3. Prohibit oil or dirty instrument verification. If it is necessary to calibrate, it is recommended to dispose the gas-liquid separator of our company.

4. The rotating parts of the instrument, to timely apply grease.






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