3200 Вт AC бесщеточная машина для резки стен, электрическая машина для резки стен, механические инструменты, настенные стамески

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Product Overview


Warm Tips;
Chinese type or European type power cord will be sent randomly


AC Brushless Wall Chaser
Permanent Magnet Brushless
Rated Voltage
Max. Power
3200 W
Rated Speed
85,00 rpm
Blade Diameter
170 mm
Overload Protection
Anti-Restart Protection
Keep Shutdown State When Power-cut Recovery
Wide Voltage Working
160 ~ 250 V
Constant power and Constant Speed
Anti-recoil Protection
Net Weight
2.0 KG

Manufacturing Technique

Constant power and constant speed
Rated 1700W Brushless motor can make the tool maintain 3200W power and keep the speed 8,500 r/min for a long time under heavy load (even with 50 meters extension cord)

High Efficiency & Cost-efficient
1700W high-power brushless motor can still maintain high-speed operation under heavy load, equivalent to the working efficiency of 2-3 brushed wall chaser
Cutting speed is double that of the brushed wall chaser

Light Weight, Long Working Hours
Brushless motors don't need change carbon brushes, don't need commutators, no wear and no rotor winding, thus reducing the weight and improve working comfort.

Electric Control Board
Kickback Protection
When the blade is stuck, the power of the motor is automatically cut off to improve safety.
Soft Start
To prevent sudden blows when starting the tool.
Compensation Power
Automatically adjust the required power under heavy load to ensure that the machine maintains efficient operation
Anti-Restart Protection
Prevent the motor from starting when power is unexpected cut and then recovered, thus minimizing accidents due to motor
unexpected restart. User need to turn off firstly, then turn on.
Pulse Overload Protection
When overloaded, there is a obvious speed reduction, and it stops working after 2 seconds.
High and Low Temperature Protection
In case of high and low temperature, the system can ensure the normal operation of the machine
Waterproof and Dustproof
Dustproof and waterproof through glue filling, no longer worry about iron powder entering the control board and causing short circuit to burn out the machine

Industry Grade Gear
* Gear design for coincidence
High overlap coefficient in gear transmission ensure simultaneous clutching of over two sets of gears and their long life.
* High precision gearbox
* High-sealing industrial-grade bearings
* Long life over 10,000 hours

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