Куломбметр, вольтметр, измеритель мощности, 150 Вт, 200 в, 20 А, тестер емкости, регулируемый постоянный ток, цифровая электронная нагрузка для батареи

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Product Overview


HI, welcome


For the safety of your life and property,

please be sure to read the text below ~

(Instructions for Purchase)

150W 200V 20A Capacity Tester Adjustable Constant Current Digital Electronic Load

For Battery of Coulombmeter Voltmeter Power Meter Ammeter

functional descript

Must read brief introduction:


can test all kinds of batteries, all kinds of DC power supply, all kinds of data cables,

a variety of charge bank, all kinds of chargers,

Voltage, current, power, capacity, power quantity,

discharge time, internal resistance and load capacity of various AC / DC power supply adapters

Performance, function comparable to the thousand yuan electronic load instrument is more,

and the volume is also relative, flexible use, mainly has the cost advantage,

Very suitable for manufacturers of verification, digital enthusiasts,

engineers and other experiments of instruments.



When entering the high-voltage battery and the large power supply test,

Two current knobs must be adjusted counterclockwise to zero before access use,

Then, the current knob is slowly adjusted according to the display current power,

Must not instantly adjust big tune full,

so that the instant power is too large to cause a huge loss of load burning discharge pipe!

Please pay special attention to this point, thank you!

Because of the operation problems,

burning, damage,our company,no, bear, responsibility!!!

Performance parameter:

Input / output interface: 100A high current bite screw bar

Voltage measurement range: 0.00V~200V Resolution accuracy: 0.01V

Current measurement range: 0.00A~20A Resolution accuracy: 0.01A

Cumulative capacity range: 0~999.999Ah resolution precision: 0.01Ah

Power cumulative range: 0~9999.9Wh resolution accuracy: 0.01Wh

Power metering range: 0000.00~150 / 180 W resolution accuracy: 0.01W

Impedance measurement range: 1~999.9 Euro Resolution accuracy: 0.01 Euro

Temperature measurement range: 0~99 C 0~99℃ resolution accuracy: 1 ° C

Time timing large time: 999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds resolution precision:

1 second

Timing measurement reminder setting: 24 hours countdown to any set value

Small current standby reminder threshold parameters and timing:

<2W / 0.5 hours;> 0.5W before the timing begins

DC voltage from 4~30V supplies the measuring system

Refresh time:> 500mS / time> 500mS / times

Measurement rate: about 0.5 times / s

Set the alarm mode: display the warning interface to remind the user

Overpressure reminder setting range: 1~200V

Low-voltage reminder setting range: 0~190V

Overstream reminder setting range:0.2~100A
Display type: Micro-power consumption LCD module LCM black

font green backlight in Both Chinese and English display screen

Product size: 156mm * 96mm * 58mm

Operating temperature: -10~ + 60 degrees C-10~ + 60℃

Working humidity: 10~80 (exposed) 10~80 (no doubt)

Operating air pressure: 80~106kPa

Use introduction:

- -Backlighting time setting- - - - - - - - - - -


Click on the button,

Switch to the backlight settings interface,

The default backlight is: BL: ON (backlight on),

The screen is on,

Three-click button (-) or double-click button (+),

Adjust the backlight time BL: 1S~BL: 59S design,

Long-press continuous (-) or continuous (+) to quickly adjust the backlight time,

Can be set to backlit off: BL: OFF!


- -High voltage discharge cut threshold- -


Click on the button,

Switch to a high-voltage discharge mode:> 300V

(The system default value is 300V),

By three-click (-) or double-click (+),

The high-voltage discharge voltage (1.00-300V) cut-off voltage can be adjusted by itself,

Long press the button for continuous (-) or continuous (+),

High voltage voltage values are available for quick adjustment,

Release the button to complete the setting!


- -Low-voltage discharge deadline threshold setting- -


Click on the button,

Switch to the low-voltage discharge mode: <0.00V

(The system default value is 0.00V),

By using the three-click key () or double-click key (+),

The voltage discharge voltage (0.00-290V) can be adjusted by itself,

Long press the button for continuous (-) or continuous (+),

Low voltage voltage value is available for quick adjustment,

Release the button to complete the setting!


- -Overcurrent protection threshold setting- -


Click on the button,

Switch to overprotection threshold mode:> 100A

(System default is 100A) Protection,

By three-click (-) or double-click (+),

Overcurrent protection current (0.2-150A),

Long press the button for continuous (-) or continuous (+),

Can quickly adjust the overcurrent protection current value,

Release the button to complete the setting!

Note: When the discharge current is greater than this value,

The load tester will stop discharging and sound a rush alarm~


Power description:


Over the specified power will burn Damage of product

power refers to: as per the power calculation formula P=UI (power = voltage x current)

10V input approximately 18A discharge current

20V input approximately 9A discharge current

30V input approximately about 6A discharge current

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