SINOTRUK HOWO 4X2 10cbm water tank truck

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Price:$25,000.00 - $30,000.00
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SINOTRUK HOWO 4X2 10cbm water tank truck

SINOTRUK HOWO 4X2 12cbm water truck 266hp for Landscape Engineering or Mining area. Our Water Tank Truck have the character of high pressure, spraying range wide, good flushing effect and so on.

The flushing head universal regulation, meet the arbitrary angle and the combination of the washing operation, the system can achieve aerodynamic control and manual control of the two kinds of functions. Tank external sandblasting, tank internal anti-corrosion treatment, outer surface of the senior polyurethane topcoat, beautiful appearance. Optional mounted front and rear high jet, with water diffusion function, a level 360 degree turn, also can be up and down 150 degree tilt. Optional medicine small flow pump, spraying configuration reel awakened garden flowers and trees to kill the insects.

Working principle is truck engine driven gearbox, gearbox mounted power take-off drive sprinkler pumps, sprinkler pump produces the main driving force, inside the tank of liquid through the pipe to spray out. Self suction height: less than or equal to 7m, sprinkler width: is equal to or more than 20m, maximum range: greater than or equal to 28m; adjusting the pillars, the range is more than or equal to 28m; also can be adjusted into a mist, a range of equal to or more than 5m. Before the spray sprinkle, is arranged in front of the duck shaped nozzle or round blunt mouth, mounted behind the open sprinkler nozzle or shower nozzle of cylinder, at the back of the work platform, equipped with water cannons


Water Tank Truck SINOTRUK HOWO 10CBM for Landscape Engineering or Mining area
Chassis Model
Drive Type
WD615.62, 266HP
HW76 lengthened cab(with one sleeper, air-conditioner and two new-style seat)
HW13710(10 forwards & 2 reverses)
Front Axle
HF9(1X9 Tons)
Driving Axle
ST16(1X16 Tons)
hydraulically operating with air assistance
Rim/ Tire
11.00R20, Radial tyre
Wheel base
Capacity of tank body
Spraying width of travel
Spraying height
more than 30m
Water sucking depth
more than 5m
Overall dimension
The curb weight
Gross weight
16000 kg
Max. speed
White, red, green, golden and so on.

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