Ningxia Humate humic acid fertilizer 95%-100% water soluble potassium humate over 65% humic acid flakes

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Product Overview


Ningxia Humate humic acid fertilizer 95%-100% water soluble potassium humate over 65% humic acid flakes

Potassium humate organic compound fertilizers

The best slow decomposition effect in organic solid fertilizers

Appearance: Black granules or powdered or flakes solids

Source: Extracted from lignite by reaction with KOH liquid

Features: Easily soluble in water, alkaline, physiologically active

Functions: Provide large, medium and trace elements, organic matter (including humic acid, fulvic acid, humic amino acids, glycans, etc. )

Product Parameters

100% Leonardite
humic acid(dry basis)
K2O(dry basis)
≥10% (also can do 5% 8% 12% 14% 16% 18%)
Water solubility
Organic matter
5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg Weave bag, Kraft bag, or OEM packing

Optional Appearance:

2-4mm Granular
1-2mm Granular

Customized Packages:


Potassium Humate was used as multi-functional compound fertilizer, combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus, also used as basal fertilizer, top dressing, seed fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and spray fertilizer.


Main Functions:

1.Activate, improve, promote, loosen, enhance the soil
2.Adsorb nitrogen and potassium, prevent nutrient loss
3.Improve soil trace elements phosphorus utilization rate
4.Improve soil water retention
5.Improving agricultural quality, high yield

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Company Profile

Ningxia Humate Biotechnology Co., Ltd mainly produces potassium humate, sodium humate and potassium fulvic acid. We are one of the top three humic acid manufacturers in China.

Area of 100,000 square meters
6 production lines
60 drying rollers
Mainly producing flake and powder products

Humic acid products in different forms and indexes , such as flakes, granules, powders and liquids

Usages: agricultural planting, organic fertilizers, aquaculture, feed additives, livestock and poultry medicines, aquaculture, binders, mineral processing, etc.

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