Быстродействующий анализатор питьевой воды без хлора, портативный анализатор качества питьевой воды без хлора, быстрый мониторинг

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Description:
Guanao Portable Water Quality Detector adopts photoelectric colorimetric method, has self-developed filtration system, good optical stability, strong anti-interference ability, simple operation, and can quickly and accurately measure various types of surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater. Water quality parameters, direct reading to detect concentration; suitable for outdoor on-site detection, and can be widely used in water plants, food processing, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection and sewage treatment industries.

Instrument advantage:
Simple operation, no training, direct use; Fast detection speed and on-site data reading; Light and compact, light weight, convenient for outdoor detection; Small and beautiful appearance, stable work, maintenance free, high cost performance; High quality cold light source is adopted, with stable optical performance and a service life of 100000 hours;

Parameter index:(Parameters can be freely matched and customized
CODmn: 0~5.00mg/L
Ozone: 0~2.50mg/L
Nickel: 0~1.00mg/L
Nickel: 0~2.00mg/L
Ammonia nitrogen: 0~50.00mg/L
Iron (L): 0~5.00mg/L
Ammonia nitrogen: 0~10.00mg/L
Iron (H): 0~0.80mg/L
Manganese (L): 0~0.50mg/L
Manganese (H): 0~1.00mg/L
DPD total chlorine: 0~2.50mg/L
Copper: 0~2.00mg/L
DPD residual chlorine: 0~2.50mg/L
Chromium: 0~0.50mg/L
Chlorine dioxide: 0~2.00mg/L
Fluoride: 0~2.00mg/L
Phosphate: 0~2.00mg/L
Nitrite nitrogen: 0~0.30mg/L
Nitrate nitrogen: 0~20.00mg/L
Zinc: 0~3.00mg/L
Sulfate: 0~300.00mg/L
Dissolved oxygen: 0~12.00mg/L

Product Specifications

Detection method
Photoelectric colorimetry
Wavelength range
Indication error
Display screen
digital display
Sensitivity (absorbance)
Continuous working time
8 hours
Power supply
Simplified Chinese or English
Working environment
T 5℃-40℃ ;RH ≤75%

Company Profile

Zhengzhou Guanao Instrument Co., Ltd. is a technical company specializing in research, development, production and sales of portable water quality detectors, water quality online analyzers, water quality online detection sensors, water purifiers and other products. The company has been committed to high-end design, innovative integration, independent research and development and managed operation and maintenance in the water quality testing and monitoring industry. Through the company's independent innovation, it has successfully developed a variety of water quality rapid testing instruments, water quality online analyzers, water quality online detection sensors and water purifiers and other products. The company is committed to the overall design, independent research and development and managed operation and maintenance of the water quality testing and monitoring industry, and all water quality detectors are affordable。


We have no MOQ limit, you can order any number of products. 

2.Can we put our logo on the instrument: 
Yes, we can provideOEM service.

Generally speaking, we will load the goods in sturdy boxes, and we can also pack the maccording tocustomer requirements.

 4.How to calibrate:
 All machines have been well calibrated before they leave the factory.

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