Профессиональная Кисть для рисования маслом, набор кистей для рисования акварелью

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Product Name
Promotional Professional Oil Painting Art Brush Acrylic Watercolor Paint Brushes Set For Artist Painting
Mix squirrel bristles, birch barrel 
1 PC
Shenzhen, China
1pc Yungbuck protect bag, into 1pc paper gift box
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UNIQUE COLORS, a branded manufacturer located in Shenzhen, dedicated to continuous share the most creatively designed art brushes, paint set, and other quality products, who has accumulated decades of OEM & ODM experience for the world's top Art brands since 1999. Rigorously reviewed by world-renowned institutions such as SGS, TUV, BSCI, etc. We have passed strict certification of ISO9001-2015 quality control system.And effectively guaranteed for the production of high-quality art products.
With the high-quality, high-tech material supply sources which shared with the world's top brands,Exquisite craftsmanship, perfect supply chain and strict quality control system, unique and innovative design combined with cutting-edge high technology, make sure that every one of our products is excellent.


Plastic cap
If the brush comes with a plastic cap,lake it off and throw it away,
This is a packaging element that has been added to protect the brush head during transit to you. It serves no additional benefit to the brush once you use the brush.

Clean out the sizing
Most brushes come with some sort of sizing on the head. The brush head has been dipped in water-based liquid mixed with nature cellulose. This keeps the hair together and not flare out during transition from factory to your hands. The nature cellulose has to come out completely from the brush head to make it usable. Dip the brush in clean water several times.Once the hair is dry, flick The filament to see if there are any additional flakes of cellulose. If so, wash again.Allow brush to dry completely before use. (See more in "Cleaning & Storage Brushes")

Loose Hair
a) Before loosing hair, make sure that the natural cellulose has been cleaning and hair is completely dry.
2) Lightly combing the brush head with a small comb to combing out the loose hair (a small plastic comb is better)
c) Gently pat the brush head with your fingers and pull on he hair to release any loose hairs.



1. Ensure brushes are completely dry before storing. If the brush is a soft natural hair or sable hair, store with a moth deterrent.
2. Always store brushes in a dry environment. If brushes are in a moist environment they are easy to be mildew and corrosion.
3. A brush bag should be breath-able and allow air to flow over brush heads. Never store brushes in a container where moisture is trapped. Plastic is a poor storage container. Do not store brushes in anything that stays moist. Yungbuck leather, Knitted fabric and wood are a few of the best storage casings.


Step 1
When the work session is finished, wipe excess paint off of the brush head. wash and reshape brushes with mild soap or an artists'
brush cleaner, using cool or lukewarm water.
Try not to get paint into the ferrule. This can become very difficult to clean out over time.
Step 2
Thoroughly soak the entire brush head with mild soap or an artists' brush cleaner to remove all paint. Rinse the brush in cool or lukewarm water and repeat the process as often as necessary to remove any residual color or binder.
Step 3
Once thoroughly clean,massage brush conditioner into the head with your fingertips and rinse out. Reshape brush head with your finger. Drying brushes with the handle down in a "bucket" will damage and eventually destroy the epoxy barrier within the ferrule.Brushes should be allowed to dry flat or hung with the brush head down.

1. If using the color and the ingredients include: Linseed Oil or Damar Varnish clean up with the appropriate solvent. Follow up with an artist's brush cleaner and conditioner.
2. Clean paint color off the head with artists' brush cleaner. Do Not Use other solvent or commercial soaps with drying or harsh agents. Buy brush cleaner from an ARTIST SUPPLY STORE ONLY.
3. DO NOT LEAVE BRUSHES IN FLUID. Leaving brushes in fluid for extended periods of time can damage the brush. Fluid seeps into the ferrule, destroys the epoxy barrier then the fluid leaches onto the handle destroying the firmness of hair ferrule and handle.



Q: Are you a real manufacturer ?
A: Yes, we own a factory, located in Shenzhen, China. who specialized in art brushes, paint set, and other quality products
Q: Do you test on animals?
A: Vegan, 100% cruelty free.
Q: What about quality control ?
A: Based on Liya AQL standard (Minor AQL 4.0; Major AQL2.5).
Q: What is your MOQ of your products?
A: Paint brushes all ready to ship, if you have special customization requirements, please contact us.
Q: What about your delivery time of the products? Can we receive our goods on time?
A: 1~3 days for paint brushes
Q: Did it smell funny?
A: No smell unless you add some smell ingredient.
Q: Can you ship to my address?
A: Yes, We can ship the goods via express, air, and sea. depends on your needs

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