Manufacturer supply industry widely used activated carbon fiber felt for ethyl acetate adsorption

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Product Overview


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  Activated Carbon Fiber felt adsorption capacity for organic gases and odour substances (such as butyl mercaptan etc.) is better than the granular activated carbon (GAC) about a few times to several decad times, and the inorganic gas also have better absorption capacity, and inorganic material solution, dyes, organic and noble metals there are 5-6 times higher than the GAC. On the microbes and bacteria also have a good absorption capacity (such as coli on the absorption rate of 94-99 %), and Adsorption in low concentration possess particularly good adsorption capacity. In addition, the adsorption capacity of ACF is special excellent for the gases concentration below 1 ppm (v/v).

                                Viscose ACF felt technique index 
  Type Static state adorptive capacity
 Capacity for 
BET specific area 
Benzene Carbon tetrachloride 
STF-1000 >30 >54 >850 >900
STF-1300 >38 >68 >1100 >1150
STF-1500 >45 >81 >1250 >1300
STF-1600 >52 >93 >1500 >1550



Application of ACF:

(1)Solvent recovery system

ACF can be used in solvent recovery from air stream such as the vapor of Benzene,ketone,ester,petroleum (particularly for the corrosive chloride,solvents of high reactivity and low boiling-point solvents).

(2)Military defensive projects

It cn be made of anti-chemical clothes and the NBC protective suits,gloves,dressing and bandages etc.

(3)Air cleaning

(4)Wastewater treatment

(5)Drinking water purification

(6)Application in electronic industry and energy

(7)ACF can be made into adiabatic materials,anti-corrosive materials and heat insulating material.

(8)Living goods like refrigerator deodorizer,retain freshness devices for fruits and vegtables,household water-cleaner,antibiotic shoe-pads,anti-poison mask and clothes,cigarette filer,etc.

(9)Medical and health protection like medical bandage,woundplast and sanitary towel etc.


Product features:

1,Higher adsorption capacity and faster adsorption velocity

2,Easy regeneration and faster desorption velocity

3,Best heat regeneratioin and lowest ash content

4,Acid-resisting,alkali-resisting,there is better electric conductivity and chemical stability.

5,Easy to profile of activated carbon fiber can be made into different shape, like felt, silk, cloth and paper etc.


ACF Quality control:

1,Before the order to be confirmed, we should check the raw material & colour of color by sample which should be strictly.

2,We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.

3,Every ACF quantity checked & cleaned before packing.

4,Before mattress delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality.

5,We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.

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Paking detail:

1,Special export package(vacuum compressed packing with PVC and wooden frame,  thick kraft paper bag cover the pallet. 

2,ACF roll up packing in PVC bag. thick kraft paper bag cover the bag.

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