DN50 Integrated type liquid current measuring sensor electromagnetic flow meter price

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Product Overview


 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

DN50 Integrated-type liquid current measuring sensor electromagnetic flow meter price

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The price is just for reference. Each product will be customized based on your project demand, please send an inquiry to get the optimized product solutions and best price.

 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price 

Product Description


 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

LD300 electromagnetic flow meter is a velocity instrument for measuring the volume flow of a conductive medium. While performing on-site detection and display, it can output a standard current signal for recording, adjustment and control. It does not have any moving parts to wear down, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement.

MACSENSOR Electromagnetic flow meters can realize automatic detection and long-distance signal transmission.

 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

MACSENSOR Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in the flow measurement of conductive liquids in industries such as environmental protection, steel, petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, mining, papermaking, water supply and drainage, food, and medicine. It has integrated type, split type and insertion type.


 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

Electromagnetic meters have many advantages for wide applications, but they're best suited for fluids with a conductivity that is 20 us/cm or higher. That means they’re not the best for:

Low-velocity applications

Petroleum-based fluids, like oil.

If your project is in these cases or not sure, don't worry! Just contact our sales team for other product solutions. Send an inquiry now to get quick help!



 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price



Detail Show of LD300 electromagnetic water flow meter

 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price 

Technical specification for LD300 series of electromagnetic flow meter


ModelIntegrated type: LD300
Split type: LD300-S
Insertion type:LD300-P
DN size(mm)DN6-3000mm(for LD300, LD300-S)
DN100-3000mm(for LD300-P)
Maximum flow speed0.5~10m/s
Output signalAnalog output;
0~10mA, load resistance: 0~1. 5KΩ;
4~20mA, load resistance: 0~750KΩ;
Frequency output;
Alarm Output;
Pulse output;
Power SupplyAC power supply, voltage range: 85VAC~250VAC;
DC 24V power supply, voltage range: 20VDC- -36VDC;
Self-powered 3.6V power supply
Working temperature-20~60°C .
Accuracy0.5% (for LD300, LD300-S)
1. 5% (for LD300-P)
Conductivity of the measured medium≥20μs/cm
Measuring parametersInstantaneous flow, flow rate, forward and reverse accumulated flow Alarm display (excitation open circuit alarm, empty pipe alarm, flow over limit alarm).
Four membrane touch switches for data setting.
Network functionHART , MODBUS, GPRS, PROFIBUS optional
IP ratingIP65 standard;IP 67, IP68 by customized for the transmitter of the separated versions only.


Project cases of electromagnetic water flow meters

 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

Company Information

MACSENSOR is a professional vertically integrated manufacturer and approved high-tech enterprise engaged in product design, development, manufacture, and one-shop solutions service for measuring instruments & equipment since 2009. The manufacturing bases cover an area of about 6000 m² and have been inspected by SGS and TUV. The annual export sales are more than 10 million units.

  electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

From shell processing to components selection, MACSENSOR do excellent, use of the international management system, to control every production process, to ensure that each product is qualified before delivery. The product failure rate is less than 1% and the order repurchase rate is as high as 98%.

 electromagnetic flow meter sensor price


MACSENSOR is committed to providing more efficient, greener and safer superior performance measurement and control in industrial automation field instrumentation, measurement and control. The main products cover various pressure sensors, liquid level meters, flowmeters, meteorological monitoring products, water quality detecting products, wireless IoT systems, etc., and provide one-stop solutions for water monitoring systems, flood warning systems, meteorological monitoring, agricultural monitoring,  and oil and gas industry monitoring, etc.

  electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

MACSENSOR brings together a group of outstanding automation engineers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers and computer experts in various fields, 90% of whom have bachelor's degrees or above.

At MACSENSOR, we believe that by providing you with unique, customized solutions and supporting your needs well beyond your initial purchase, we can become more than a manufacturer. We can become a long-term partner that continues to add value and make your business run more efficiently with

1. Fast response time: 24h response rate ≥99%

2. One-to-one professional sales engineer support to ensure an effective procurement process.

3. Customize the most economical solution for your project.

4. One-stop service whilst minimising time and costs.

5. Easy Ordering with various payment terms.

6. Fast and efficient logistics solution

7. Intimate after-sales service

8. Online training services

9. Ongoing business development and review    

After years of unremitting efforts, MACSENSOR becomes a well-known leading brand with good fame and successfully supplied one-stop monitoring solutions to thousands of projects in the world. 

  electromagnetic flow meter sensor price

Contact the MACSENSOR team today to have all your questions answered and get exactly what you need.



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